Vegan Eco-Villages

*Seeking Board Members to build Vegan Eco-Villages, a Vegan Eco-Monastery/Vegan Eco-Monasteries, and Mass Meditation Eco-Centers in a self-sustaining way, not dependent upon donations similar to the way that Paul Newman’s companies are 100% for Charity !

I have a dream of living in a Vegan Monastery ( either without or within a Vegan mountain stream Eco-Village (
Living in this 3rd density body, there is only one dominant endeavor – transmutation of the body into pure light before death (rainbow body in Tibetan tradition – ascension in the Shroud of Turin Yehoshua/Jesus tradition) – fulfillment of self, transmutation into 6th density form, at least… (Density References from The Ra Group – The Law of One)  This endeavor is the purpose of being on Earth, to graduate, learning oneness, ending reincarnation.
Monasticism as dominant culture is the true, pure, behind the scenes ruler of this planet; everything else turns this planet and its inhabitants away from purity & into darkness, despair, and hopelessness.  Teamwork, supporting monasticism as one hive is vital; giving up the self for the true goal and allowing inner God service to others.  Some find that service to others is the path that takes them to enlightenment.  Monks too choose to have a well rounded way of live, to make crafts for sale, work the garden, and serious deep meditation; some monks focus solely on the deep meditation to purify, then realize, recognize & manifest Spirit within.

Once, I found myself in a mountain village in China.  It was the only place in China I was able to breath (due to mass air pollution that affects the world, not just where air pollution is produced)(This reminds me of aluminum, strontium, etcetera deliberately being sprayed in the atmosphere in the united States).  A clear natural stream flowed from the mountain down into the village where a stone lined channel along a stone sidewalk brought water to every villager.  The villagers obey a schedule of doing certain things at certain times in the shared water system.
There was a natural rocky stream and a river braking up parts of the village as well.

There exists other mountain villages similar to that described.  These mountain villages seem to be the best environments upon the earth because they are away from the evils of the world.  Some of these communities live off of crafts produced and sold to travelers.  This more simple lifestyle where less is more is sought by many of us entrenched amidst the free-range city slave race of Earth.  Those of us whom are monastics must be away from the insanity of cultures that tolerate and continue taring each other down as acceptable behavior in which the biggest bully is celebrated as their leader.

Many Vegans were led by the heart spark to become Vegan; just as monastics require a peaceful immersive environment conducive to realizing, recognizing, and manifesting Spirit within, Vegans are drawn to live in freedom and gentleness in a cultural environment away from unacceptable lifestyles.  Whether these Vegan Villages are established in deep cave cities where its cool in the summers & warm in the winters, mountain communities, Ewok villages, at sea, or in desert Earthships, we are willing to cast off the things that oppress us for a loving, more compassionate world.

I often think of visiting a Vegan Eco-Village if one were to exist.
Someplace back to the earth such as an Amish community where the entire community comes out to harvest, making the duty joyful instead of a chore.  Or, a remote Aboriginal community where half of their time is spent in deep meditative states remotely astral-exploring the Universe meeting highly advanced beings of higher densities.  Remote Aboriginal Tribes are in tune with oneness…

where there are no fossil fuel automobiles allowed – where the environment is set in nature – where energy companies do not exist

where “service to others” economy is the law/government, share freely, where the community goal is to assist the most human ascensions as possible

My passion for Vegan Eco-Monasteries lead to this vision of Vegan Eco-Villages where people can build positive futures – have positive lives away from corruption, tyranny, forced pollution, forced genetic change through crop gene modification, and forced death due to deliberate crop genetic changes (1962 wheat)(to kill people when they reach 65 with cancer).

Crop dusting where children play is unacceptable.

The Earthship community in New Mexico is not a Vegan Village, but it is off-grid, which is a tremendous inspiration.

There are places that are more hospitable than the desert and are free from the tyranny of evil men’s systems of which many wish to opt out.

Free lands “in the current moment” (not during the time of mass murder of Native Americans, which can happen to any of us at any time) supposedly exist in the united States & its territories.  It is foolish to allow government to take away arms and is unconstitutional in the united States.

When we simply focus on what we do want, the things that we don’t want go away and the things we do want become our reality.
We can leave everything behind to start a better more fulfilling life.

Purify by focusing upon the names of God Realized Beings who’s stories touch you personally.  Do the work of daily meditation.
We should serve others (51%) more than we serve ourselves (49%) if we want to graduate.

For those of us so inclined, let’s compile the list &/or create Vegan Eco-Villages.

Organic Gluten Free Vegan Eco-Village Society is being formed to assist free people to live the life we choose and establish under the law of veganism and eco-village community in support of one-another, the whole, and in the spirit of sharing the way some Native Americans did.

As a monastic, going to sleep at sunset and arising before dawn to meditate (through the pre-dawn energy spike from the counter-rotation of the son & Earth) is natural rhythm.  Eco-villages are in tune with human needs.