Searl Effect Generator / Tesla Remote Controlled Boat / Betz Sphere

Two overlooked technologies & 3 Artificial Intelligences:

Nikola Tesla’s Remote Controlled Boat answered queries by blinking lights a number of times.  This intelligence or technology to communicate with intelligence.

John Searl’s invention, the SEG (Searl Effect Generator) was another form of intelligence that levitated due to its natural effect of superconductivity along with numbing cold; it uses no moving parts in the sense that the moving parts do not touch or cause friction as it causes and rides a wave of energy.  This device meets any electrical load placed upon it.

The Garage/Barn Hobby/Crafts-Person culture is coming back because of costs, quality, and need for humble – down to earth values.

To my overstanding even patented technologies can be crafted at home “for personal use” legally.

The Betz Sphere was stolen by the military when offered to be scientifically studied, not permanently donated to them.  I don’t know if there was a contract or if a time frame was agreed to in some form…  The Betz family reports intelligent behavior from the sphere that they found on their property.