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Young Lovers are Young at heart & guided by Love.

The only scientifically proven way to reduce crime, violence, and negative incidents such as automobile accidents has been a study in which 7000 mediators influenced the unified field.
A scientific study of 7000 meditators found a reduction of 72% in negative events from everything from auto accidents to global terrorism during the time of meditation.

The only real mission in this physical realm is to become perfect, trans-configuration, to graduate to the luminous/light body, ascended state of being or ascension before physical death to be prepared.  “When We change Ourselves, We change the universe.  Becoming an Ascended Being protects the world.  Nobody’s perfect because that is the reason we are here, to graduate: to purify & perfect ourselves; we have the models to follow.  We are here to be good/god-unity.  Focus and concentration is everything; what we leave behind disappears.

Siddhis or supernatural powers automatically install when committed to daily deep meditation.

While we are all still here interacting, the second most important thing is to make the world a better place and society a more Compassionate, Patient, Loving culture focused on understanding & Teamwork.  All of this automatically works itself out when living in a culture valuing deliberate evolution through meditation and prayer as our mission in this physical life.

Meditation directly affects the unified field, so monks help in “unseen” ways.  A scientific study done on a group of 7000 Transcendental Meditators proved a 72% reduction in global terrorism & other negative events during the time of meditation.

Veganism saves starving human beings by not feeding & breeding animals as food, wasting water & food, and producing the most air polution; feed starving human beings instead.

Currently, no one has to starve on this planet!

The largest greenhouse gas emitter is carnism, raising animals as food.
“No member of the animal kingdom nurses mast maturity.” – Prince

Food cures, medicinal foods, & the myths caused by industry advertising & lobbying are now recognized and new fields of information are available.  Watch: “The Game Changers”, “What the Health”, “Forks Over Knives”, & “Cowspiracy”.  (See Netflix.)

I had always had an issue with churches, temples, and ascension chambers being locked or off limits; having nuns & monks on duty for admission is one solution.
The Hindu temple in Metairie, Louisiana, USA has daily hours of operation & a door bell for admission; the priest & his family live upstairs.  There is also a 24 hour Tibetan temple in Singapore for people to be able to have a place to meditate no matter the individual’s schedule.  There, I met a married Lama; he & his wife live upstairs.

Jewish Rabbis marry, Hindu Priests marry; Anglican Catholic Priests and monks may marry; Lutheran priests may marry; Roman Catholic Priests used to be allowed to marry with special permission; Papas – Orthodox Byzantine Catholic priests are allowed to be married as well.  I am a Married Vegan Monastic.

Environment and occupation is important for the Monastic Soul.  Earning money destroys the lives of so many people; control of education by government cracks many.  Not everyone can condense all of the dot connecting into a book or website soundbite, but the original Tibet had a very interesting purpose – for the most people to reach ascension before ≈death of the body.

The light-heartedness of Hindu celebrations can be freeing for some; we are all different; people are reached in different ways; is there therefore only one way?  Cultures get there in many different ways, but the target destination is the same.

The Vatican library (including the acknowledged “secret” library) should be free online to study and use toward the goal of ascension.

Thank God Tibetan texts were saved and are continuously being translated into English.  The teaching of The Great Perfection is to achieve trans-configuration of the flesh into the light body (ascension) before death.

The library system in the United States should also be online, but capitalism holds that back, as it does many other facets of becoming an actual civilized society of the universe.

“There is no religion higher than truth.” 

For spiritual nourishment & guidance I recommend reading or listening to the audiobooks published by David Wilcock.
Unfortunately, William Henry doesn’t have many audio-books, but his works are vital; watch William Henrys presentations through the Gaia app.  Keep your discernment to hear the ring of truth as sometimes he thinks out loud, but his research into early Christian truths about Jesus are absolutely superb.  I cannot stress how much William Henry‘s work on Gaia has been the absolute best resource I have found to date.
John Edward produced CD sets that have also been beneficial; I recommend the largest CD set of his that you can find.
Try to find the best genuine Qi Gong teacher that you can find; this is very important.

Trust your intuition; follow it !

The only mission in the flesh is to achieve (let go everything that is not) the light body, ascended state of being.

– Justin Lance Schiro, Married Vegan Monastic


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Post Script:
The only scientifically proven way to reduce crime, violence, and negative incidents such as automobile accidents has been a study in which 7000 mediators influenced the unified field.