Samvartica Fire

Every 25,920 years the earth comes into alignment with the galactic central energy spiraling out from the center of our galaxy. Line a warped vinyl record, Earth travels in a wave formation dipping below, then coming up into the plane, then above the central plane. In India the Samvartica Fire is common knowledge. The vial with be down, so that we will be able to see other frequency beings or other dimensions that usually are not accessible to those without cultivation of sight. Indigenous cultures never stopped being prepared and can see and be visited without mental refusal to see, hear, and accept teachings. Back to the Fire: Some say that one had better be underground to survive. Others say that they hope that if properly prepared it will facilitate being invited in a way to the higher frequency time-line of the golden age instead of being forced to go down the current governance time-line of the forced integration with technology becoming slaves to that technology to the point of not being able to live without it. still others believe that the Samvartica Fire will release the light body purifying the body and soul into rainbow body in which one can travel freely at will having powers. I say one better meditate daily to be prepared and having an underground grow facility 🍕 can’t hurt either. New construction techniques enable one to build an underground facility for the cost of appropriate land plus about $100,000-$150,000 US Dollars at the time of this writing 🙂
To describe what the Samvartica Fire is a little better: It is a burst of energy the builds up in our sun that is expelled either while our magnetic field is down or is so tremendous that it doesn’t matter whether how strong our magnetic field is; it is coming, and we better be prepared one way or another. The build of of energy is due to the central galactic plane that Earth is traveling through. The new equator with lie across both Antarctica and Alaska.

Secondly, the poles has accelerated its migration weakening the magnetic protective field surrounding Earth. SuspiciousObservers on YouTube shows proof that the field has decreased 10% in the past ten years, yet it took decades to reduce ten per cent before that; this means we are moving fast toward to pole flip that will reposition the equator to be in line with Alaska and western Africa; furthermore, this means we better get underground faster than previously anticipated need for preparation.