∴ 5 Initiatives ∴

The Five Initiatives

CE5 Group Initiatives are paramount to change the world back on the correct path.

What matters is steering the present and future away from dominance & control and toward Ascension, Purification, & Connection to God.

When 75-77 million people on this planet live a life in tune with higher consciousness / meditative state of being, the rest of the world automatically aligns to that frequency by influence of the unified field coherence.

Watch “Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind: Contact has Begun“.  It is offered on YouTube and FireStick free.

The only scientifically proven way to reduce crime, violence, terrorism, and negative incidents such as automobile accidents has been a study in which 7000 mediators influenced the unified field.


  • (1st and foremost) Vegan Monastery Retreat Center Farm in nature with Greenhouses, Orgone Accumulators, Tall Narrow Meditation Pyramid(s), Humble Minimalist Accommodations, Qi Gong Practice, Healing Environment, etcetera – We are looking into low cost start-up options such as ≈cob house accommodations ( :
    (CE5 events, Foraging events, Qi Gong retreats, Meditation retreats)


  • (2nd) Support Native Americans through vegan nature foraging survival Education Programs, nature crafts, to heal the illness of spirit of western motivations, to heal through nature, to empower Native Americans, and connect people authentically, etcetera.


  • (3rd to fund all of these important initiatives) International Organic Vegan Restaurant with secret theme & indoor Organic Gourmet Mushroom Farm Chain 100% profits go to charities
    (self-sustaining fund raising mechanism for the monastery and the other initiatives)


  • (4th) World’s Exposition (year to be chosen when funded) – Free Energy Systems & Level 1-5 Civilization Technologies
    There are sonic/frequency Devices that are proven methods of sending energy at harmonic resonant frequencies of the 11th-harmonic (two ≈notes) at 100,000-300,000 htz through the body directly targeted at cancer cells destroying them.(This should be “Approved” by the FDA immediately, or the FDA should be sewed under organized crime rules.)  This is better than “medicine” and other “approved” therapies.  We could have technologies better than Star Trek. (Updated October 20th, 2021)
    materials science and the usage of shapes and mass in construction are just a taste of underused advanced technologies
    – tall narrow pyramids of a specific shape heal the ozone layer in each region they are constructed (see VeganMonastery.org)
    – etecetera


  • (5th Freedom & Relivant Education)
    TheVenusProject.com  This may be the biggest initiative that can change the world for the betterment of humanity if and only if it allows for monasticism…  (The Venus Project ends money, sharing resources with all human beings, freeing technology to evolve in real time without being retarded by monetary interests.  It builds housing and other needs in harmony with the earth without pollution.)  – if & only if – it accounts for the truth/physics findings & does not choose to ignore or reject select findings, especially the consciousness effect!-Annual property tax is slavery; once one has a homestead farm and able to support oneself from the land and crops, the government is then forcing that person to comply with childish bully rules directly and literally enslaving that homestead owner to pay a property tax of fiat money annually even though no longer participating in any money system of any kind; this is tyranny, not freedom.- Amish and others should not have to live among automobiles if they wish to live a peaceful simple down to earth existence.
    Likewise, one must be allowed to establish a Vegan village sequestered from mass animal slaughter culture, air pollution, or ground/water pollution forced upon people by pipelines.
    – Mass agricultural Carnism is a threat to humanity as the highest greenhouse gas producer, the most water consumer, and the direct destruction of the rain-forest for more raising of animals, not to mention feeding those animals instead of humans…
    – Monastics sense the discovery of quantum physics in 1935 should be fully funded for the good of everyone & the world because transcendental meditation is the only scientifically proven method of crime reduction globally.Actual Education involves not only job training, which is what STEM is, but allowing for an education for those whom are Created or have personal missions to do other things than to support mainstream industry for monetary profits!  Farming is legitimate education; foraging is a first survival priority to all other education.  Medicinal plants should be taught from childhood…
    The first thing a person “needs” is water; how to find water is the first education topic, not indoctrination, or brainwashing to live in cities.  I never had shop class; that was destroyed long ago; it should at least be an option.  There are so many subjects now; they should all be optional; none should be forced…
    Speed and learning methods are to be adapted to individuals.
    Parents with aptitude for education under the Venus Project would have the time and freedom to teach directly.
    The entire education system needs to be completely changed.  Three year olds can learn anything taught to them.  Computers & internet allow parents to choose what their children are to be taught until the children are adult enough to select their own education from then on.