Meditation Meditation Meditation – Coherence between connections in the brain making it function at maximum capacity, coherence of all cells in the body to work together, and coherence between the unified field of humanity are strengthened by daily Meditation.

The only scientifically proven way to reduce violent crime and negative incidents such as automobile accidents has been studies in which mass meditation influenced the unified field.

Meditation harmonizes without the need for conflict or ego control.
The only scientifically proven violent crime reduction method is Mass Meditation, so the first line of funding for anything claiming to be for crime reduction must be Monasteries & Mass Meditation Centers!

75-77 million enlightened beings on this planet (at current total population) will scientifically automatically raise global consciousness coherence to enlightenment.  (1% of global population – quantum physics study findings)  When The Church prays for more to join monasticism, we now see and know the justified scientific reason.

When the Deep State murders people in towers during an astrologically significant moment, this too is for destabilization of human peace and control over people.  The affect of people of the world crying out emotionally that day have been measured scientifically.

The Cathars, the Essenes, at Mount Carmel, and other places, the focus was on Graduating ≈(Purification & Ascension before death).
The original Cristian / Jewish & other ways to purity & Ascension are to be brought to the common goal of cultural & community for responsibility, enrichment, & ≈enlightenment.

The only goal is true fulfillment & perfection, rainbow body – transmutation of the body into pure light.  This is the reason we incarnate on this planet and the other 12 where Dzogchen is taught.

Immersion !
I personally like to be immersed in my passions, to have at least a chapel or dedicated room.
To wake and be on ≈the campus of my passions, that is the way I love to live.

Quantum Entanglement
Resonant Effect
Aligned to Coherent
Unified Field

Truly seek & ye shall find.


Domes are a real technology: This is an awesome topic that includes tall narrow pyramids, etcetera.
Greenhouse domes are extremely expensive coming from the deep south (in the USA).  We are looking at a $70,000 dome greenhouse, but the dome spirals energy, so I am basically “all or nothing” when it comes to doing things right.  Unless I learn to cut angles well and find cheap teak & glass.

Miracles are more than a reading material topic.
The purified soul, the clean heart, closeness / connection / unification with God cultivates God’s blessings.
Alchemy of different sorts is mental, spiritual, and unlocked by the fuel of passion, these are all part of some of the focus of some monastics.

Purify, and the power of the earth’s energy of manifestation will be with you: (Gaia) – available via internet, fire stick, etcetera.

The saints are worth study; The Catholic Church neo-traditional Sunday for one hour schedule generally speaking is clearly not enough to guide culture in the United States of America.  In some African cultures the community sings for hours from the heart and soul.

Gazing at “Icons”, statues, images, etcetera are an important practice ♥

The Cintamani wish fulfilling jewel is held by Saint Nicholas; notice the image of the photon on his hat:

Healings occur at Lourdes, France.

Fatima reminds me that the Samvartika fire is very real!
I like to remember Fatima, Portugal

Silver turns to gold at Medjugorje, Bosnia for those dwelling in the purity of the Lord in the state of solemn prayerful hearts and complete servitude of God; seems like a great place to pray for purification:

Both of these images are interesting… we have two tall narrow pyramids upon the points of a tuning fork with two clocks.
Freddy Silva’s “Templemaking” on Gaia may explain the second image:

Focus, Concentration, and solemn Intent – mind is all

We have so many helpers in God’s kingdom.  Our mission is to become perfect while we are here.  Never cease
Elijah & others became ~angels in service to God.  Faith in the power of God’s righteousness opens the door for divine assistance.

Now, it is time to support Monasteries.

Yes, prayer and the rosary are or can be a form of meditation, especially if lengthily with mind on God or clear mind.

We can influence the future positively by supporting monasteries.  The more positive influence upon the unified field, the more positive actions people take because they pick up and tune into more positive field influences touching their hearts and therefore acting the way the wish to be positive change in the world.  Monasteries are vital in the world today.  Monastic communities, native cultural living situations, living close to the earth, taking the time to listen and be; these are important.  Monastic prayer and meditation is vital work in the world today.

If one chooses to pray, it should be tapping into joy and love / rejoicing, never begging in suffering = input – output

I have rewritten the last line of both the “Our Father” & ” Hail Mary” prayers:

– Our Father Who art in heaven, hollowed be Thy Name.  Thy kingdom come; Thy will be done on Earth as it is in heaven.  Give us this day, Our daily bread (our spiritual needs), and forgive Us our trespasses, as We forgive those who trespass against Us.  And, lead Us to Unity and Harmony.  Amen

– Hail Mary, full us grace, The Lord is with thee.  Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of Thy womb, Jesus (Yehoshua).  Holy Mary, mother of God, pray for Us now and at the hour of our Transition.  Amen

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Post Script:

Be vegan if you do not want beings to suffer.  Carnism destroys the planet through deforestation to raise animals as food.
Work toward green free energy systems.  It is admirable to have solar and wind powered homes and electric vehicles until true free energy is bestowed to humanity.