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In Japanese culture the turtle is the being that travels communicating between Heaven & Earth.

Turtle shell pattern is one recognizable that has been found during resonant frequency scientific experimentation.

I do not collect “Ninja Turtle” or “Hero Turtles” (European version) toy or comics, but to have a small joy in the mind producing happiness to think of, not a bad thing.  If One has a problem with that, then that is just it, isn’t it; One has the problem (judgement).
Play is important; One can keep a playful attitude while working and throughout the day.
Drawing is a creative activity that can stimulate joy and when drawing something wholesome and perhaps a goal to become/make a dominant thought; the act of drawing is an act of manifesting/programing.

Have you heard of the Book & “1984” films?  The Turtles were created in a state of Joy to combat or equalize the equation of malevolence.
Ask Yourself if We are not living in the world of “1984”.

Mei Pieh Chi with turquoise mask & monk robe is my favorite Hero Turtle.

She was more powerful than the other turtles combined and all of the enemies when she was introduced in the “Next Mutation” series.  This series perhaps had the best costumes, let’s leave it at that 🙂
I like her monk robe and of course the powers that she developed through meditation and monastic practices.  “Sorcery” is not a bad word; connecting to Source or God is clearly good.

Lita is a character from the ongoing IDW comic book series.

She yields a staff with the power to travel through time, which may be a power of rainbow body attainment; rainbow body achievers travel freely to the 13 worlds in which the rainbow body attainment is taught.

It is the idea of these two characters that I love. Perhaps if the concepts of these two Hero Turtles were in one, we would have the ultimate Hero Turtle 🙂 😊 😃  ❤️  On the other hand when quantum physicists look into the chamber suspending a singular particle, we see two; the Hands of God are many; one power is to bi-locate.  The “Yoga Sutras of Patanjali” teach directly to attain powers, but that focus can block One from the actual goal of attaining the higher rainbow body – light body completion ❤️ 🙂  Oh yeah, also – One may also be interested in “The Kybalion”.  Check out other Tabs for more cool information ❤️


My personal philosophy of “No Conflict” is the best way to make a “Program” because as science has found, we become what we see.  Television programs program people.  This is why icons are used in both the Byzantine Orthodox Church and the Tibetan Tradition.  An example: I watched many of the “Smallville” episodes years ago, and my favorite episode was a what if type episode in which there was no conflict; this episode was vastly superior to all others; I don’t need the stress of conflict programing.  If the money and energy spent on sports were directed / funneled into solutions to assisting humanity with Stadiums of Teamwork, joyfully – God Bless Us – we might actually become a civilized civilization.  Let go of the fear, militants; the truth will set us all free; knowledge only helps; subverting only hurts the potential of all of humanity from becoming an advanced civilization ❤️ 🙂

A third female turtle for your enjoyment:

In as much as the yellow (strength/willpower chakra) masked turtle, Jennika, has strength/determination/willpower, I guess I like all 3 female turtles.  I love her full outfit, sometimes with an optional hood; I’ll try to find loadable images ❤️
I love the color and shading in comic books.

Some internet searched images for your enjoyment:

I love the outfits of my 3 favorite characters, so I will continue to try to obtain more loadable images

More to come 🙂 ❤️


We endeavor to publish Our own comic book to educate, empower, & promote positive culture 🙂 ❤️
When that happens or is about to offer launch, We will update here 😃