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The First Turtle ever drawn by Kevin Eastman & Peter Laird
It is celebrated because it was created out of pure joy, passion, and innocence, which was the alchemist magic fuel bringing mighty forces in its success.


In Japanese culture the turtle is the being that travels communicating between Heaven & Earth.

Turtle shell pattern is one recognizable pattern that has been found during resonant frequency scientific experimentation.

Play is important; One can keep a playful attitude while working and throughout the day.
Drawing is a creative activity that can stimulate joy and when drawing something wholesome and perhaps a goal to become/make a dominant thought; the act of drawing is an act of manifesting/programing/creating.

🙂🙂🙂There is a Turtle (how to) Drawing Video near the bottom of this page 🙂🙂🙂

Have you heard of the Book, “1984”, or the film, “1984 The New World Order”?

The Turtles were created in a state of Joy to combat or equalize the equation of malevolence.
Ask Yourself if We are not living in the world of “1984”.  Sense I added that video; I have to add the following one as well:

3 Female Ninja Turtles:

So, My 3 favorite Turtles are Mei Pieh Chi (Venus De Milo), Lita, & Jennika 🙂 ❤️

It actually would be cool to see happy action figures of Mei Pieh Chi complete with robe & hood, Lita with full outfit, and Jennika with full outfit too 🙂 ❤️  I’ve been wanting to have the threesome on tee-shirts for some time now 🙂

So far my favorite figures on instagram that I have seen have been the happy smiling turtles, especially when inserted into intricately handcrafted dioramas such as living-room lair or street scenes; some dioramas have superb intricate bricks etcetera out of thick paint or clay or such materials ❤️ I plan to work on finding the best images to enjoy…  the following are just ones able to load compatible images from a computer quickly.

Trying to upload the images of turtles in the living room playing arcade machines and such 🙂❤️

Mei Pieh Chi with turquoise mask & monk robe is my favorite Hero Turtle 🙂

She was more powerful than the other turtles combined and all of the enemies when she was introduced in the “Next Mutation” series.  This series perhaps had the best costumes, let’s leave it at that 🙂
I like her monk robe and of course the powers that she developed through meditation and monastic practices.  “Sorcery” is not a bad word; connecting to Source or God is clearly good.  If you get into “William Henry” via Gaia subscription, you may love the true origins and goal of Christianity, Tibetan Buddhism, etcetera.

Lita is a character from the ongoing IDW Turtles comic book series.

She yields a staff with the power to travel through time, which may be a power of rainbow body attainment; rainbow body achievers travel freely to the 13 worlds in which the rainbow body attainment is taught.

Padmasambhava realized, recognized, and manifested rainbow body; the second picture (statue) was created from the actual likeness of Padmasambhava.

There are many original Jesus church depictions of Jesus on a rainbow or wearing a rainbow garment, etcetera.
This art shows a photon on the chest of Christ before the first image or a photon was produced by modern science.
It is Light body cultivation that is important.

It is the idea of these two characters that I love. Perhaps if the concepts of these two Hero Turtles were in one, we would have the ultimate Hero Turtle 🙂 😊 😃  ❤️  On the other hand when quantum physicists look into the chamber suspending a singular particle, we see two; the Hands of God are many; one power is to bi-locate.  Saints have been known to bi-locate created by a life of monasticism, true dedication to God.  When some Catholics travel to Medugorje, Bosnia, because of their strong devotion and daily prayers, their rosaries transmute from silver to an ancient valuable pure gold.  The “Yoga Sutras of Patanjali” teach directly to attain powers, but ≈selfish focus can block One from the actual goal of attaining the higher rainbow body – light body completion ❤️ 🙂  Oh yeah, also – One may also be interested in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.  Check out other Tabs for more cool information ❤️


My personal philosophy of “No Conflict” is the best way to make a “Program” because as science has found, we become what we see.  Television programs program people.  This is why “icons” are used in both the Byzantine Orthodox Church and the Tibetan Tradition.  An example: I watched many of the “Smallville” episodes years ago, and my favorite episode was a “what if” type episode in which there was no conflict; this episode was vastly superior to all others; I don’t need the stress of conflict programing…but there is a different mindset: “I tell You solemnly, whatever You ask for in prayer, believe that You have received it, and it will be Yours,” says the Lord. (Mark 11:24)  Therefore, any hint of negative situation can instantly be dissolved in a connection to God & the knowing that the power of God can stop all evil through His will & the will of His Emissaries.  It has been said that the Buddha turned arrows shot at Him into flowers; that is the power of transmutation/alchemy/ connection to God.  All of the best & original messages of religions were to transform Us into the Hands of God – raise Us into gods – just like Metatron was once a man; he transformed into a high angel…
If the money and energy spent on sports were directed / funneled into solutions to assisting humanity with Stadiums of Teamwork &/or Mass Meditation, joyfully – God Bless Us – we might actually become a civilized civilization.  Let go of the fear, militants; the truth sets us all free ❤️ 🙂

A third female turtle for your enjoyment:

In as much as the Yellow (Strength/Willpower Chakra) masked Turtle, Jennika, has Strength/Determination/Willpower, I guess I like all 3 Female Turtles.  I love her full outfit, sometimes with an optional hooded cape; I’ll try to find loadable images ❤️ 🙂
I love the color and shading in modern comic books.

Some internet searched images for your enjoyment:

I Love the Outfits of my 3 favorite Girl Turtles, so I will continue to try to obtain more loadable images &/or draw & upload 🙂 ❤️

🙂 ❤️

FreeComicBookDay.com   May 4th 2024

ComicBooksForKids.org   This is a great idea to open the heart of “Children” (Not “Kids”, who used to be called “Lambs” in the old days 🙂❤️); ≈ happiness heals to soul, which heals the body…

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Meditate daily to bring full coherence of all brain cells and coherence to the whole body’s cells.
Higher Scores
Better Attitude
Better Behavior
Principle of the year award for the positive effects of successfully implementing meditation in school was awarded a middle school principle in California.
Mass meditation has been proven to reduce negative events globally during the time of mass meditation.
Support “real” meditation and especially advanced meditation in schools (not “mindfulness” or paying attention to the breath), and support monasteries, especially Buddhist monasteries that take in and raise orphans.
Meditation is Science, not religion.