Watch “The Game Changers”, “Unacknowledged”, “Heal”, and “Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind”.

I do not use marijuana, but I am interested in Ethiopian Religion & Rastifari as studied, not as prejudge or assumed to be.  Rasta does not require each individual to believe all of the same things, so one can be Rastafari without believing that the dead Ethiopian King was the second coming of Christ Consciousness incarnate, etcetera.

In my apple Books app I’m on chapter 6 of the book of Enoch at the time of posting the audio-book, and it is unclear as to how many books or chapter collected are the same or different; I’ll figure that out later  ( :

We are between the 25,920 cycle, but appears as a 26,000 year cycle (because of the acceleration of time-space energy between cycles) now according to David Wilcock’s superb research in “The Source Field Investigations” and NASA admission that our solar system is moving through a charged energy area…

I’ve compiled a long public playlist of videos for yo to watch from my youtube channel.

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