Vegan Recipes / Veganism

I found this documentary in my Gaia subscription !

Seasoning combination of this dish tastes like seafood, not spicy southern seafood, just delicious.  We’ve found many flavor combinations that can be used as mach dishes through natural vegan foods.
This is just a taste; we could fill a book with photographs 🙂 ❤️ 🙂

Chop up sun dried tomatoes to add to beans.  Throw some Mediterranean olives into your serving bowl of beans.

We really need to be eating non-processed foods!  Rastas do not eat foods processed in factories.  Rastas eat whole foods & if they eat chicken, it was walking around free before turned into survival food…

Organic Whole Food diet is best

Plants, Edible Flowers, Fungi, Fruits (Never from Brazil – Brain Parasites), Greens, Nuts & Seeds (I have to do the research as to why not to eat too many nuts/seeds per day.-something to do with being able to process amounts of protein in the kidney maybe; I’ll check),
Avocado, Avocado, Avocado (omegas for the brain),
Beans, Legumes, Wild Rice, Potatoes, Tubers

Never Wheat – so Gluten-Free (GMO wheat blocks Amino Acids essential for the brain – not even Organic wheat because it was secretly altered in 1962, to kill people around or after retirement age.  My mother and all of her brothers developed large masses to be removed; only one uncle was too afraid to remove his.  My mother grew up in the 50s when processed foods became available as convenience foods…),
Never GMO Soy because the they are designed to destroy the gut linings of the pests in the crop field, and you certainly look up the fact that is does the same in the human intestinal lining – holes resulting in major digestion issues – death if waste matter passes through the holes,
cows are injected with hormones don’t drink “milk”

A correct vegan diet can cure diseases such as diabetes.  Watch the Gaia subscription documentary “The Diabetes Solution”.

Have you watched “The Game Changers” (available on Netflix)?

Special Treat 😃
We will be cooking a simple yet delicious dish of squash spun through a cutting to make spaghetti shaped squash; we put “Himalayan” pink sea salt, onion powder, & Garlic Powder; sage, thyme, or whatever seasonings that you prefer, then microwave using automatic vegetable 1 setting (maybe that equals 5 minutes), and enjoy 😃
Photographs on Instagram 😃
I took the photograph using a telephone instead of a camera, so the computer was unaccepting…

Check out Instagram for dish photographs; the computer doesn’t always cooperate with the telephone to post here 🙂 😋

Cook chopped onions & garlic in a large pan.
Add a pile of mung-bean sprouts.
Add “Just Egg” from the plastic bottle.
– something like egg-foo-young or scrambled egg with vegetables
– not the cheapest dish

The body can adjust to new diets; it just takes time; it is completely natural for the body to reject a new diet until it has had weeks to adjust.
Once one is fully vegan the gut can handle (can get used to easily) eating beans daily.
We cook beans almost every night in a crock pot while we sleep; make sure there is enough water in the pot.
add a cup of one type of beans and a cup of another type of beans & spring water or at least reverse osmosis (if that is all one can afford – spring water is preferred)(do not cook with high PH water…)
In the morning we boil potatoes or stir-fry ( That term doesn’t sound right containing the word “fry”) and add vegetables to the crock-pot.
I’ll have to ask my wife at which point we add potatoes when sometimes we go that route…

Why it is important to use natural spring water without chlorine or fluoride added:
In layman’s terms – water has memory – it retains all pharmaceuticals flushed down the toilet, treated, and sent through the tap in the majority of cities…  Reverse Osmosis is not enough, but it is what many people can afford; We need to make it a priority to drink spring water & get a superb filtration system for the shower, sinks, garden hoses – especially.
I hope to share which reverse osmosis filter we chose for our kitchen soon.

If you are poor(can’t afford to purchase a house without a mortgage) & want money going into your savings account every single month, “grow up” ( : and eat beans or some other affordable food almost every day & “never go out to eat“… in other words, don’t eat fancy or expensive foods daily or regularly; you are throwing your money away; I remember “meat” being expensive years ago, so why eat it.  I Am talking to you as though you already want to be vegan or are trying to be vegan.

Also, grow your own food…  Billions are unnecessarily wasted on sewage systems because of carnism; vegans only need natural non-chemiclly treated sawdust & a bucket with a toilet seat on it &/ or a bag liner inside to have all of the pure natural soil additives to grow crops appropriate in their agricultural zone.  If you don’t take pharmaceutical medications & eat organic, then the additives that you create are great.  In Metairie, Louisiana it is illegal to blow grass clippings and dirt into the streets, but it is done daily without punishment ruining the drainage and sewage systems.  How much money is wasted by filling the underground piping systems with dirt and grass clippings?

Oh yeah; take a B-12 “vitamin” every week.
If you drink certain beverages daily that contain / add B-12; there is no need to take B-12 weekly.
It has been said that humans used to get B-12 from digging up a carrot knocking most of the dirt off against their boot & eating it – microbial B-12.
Carnivores (“Carnism”) get their B-12 from the cows, etcetera that pull up & eat grass with the microbes on the roots.

Date at home –  chopping and cooking together, etcetera 😀   Use the scrapes to amend your soil for crops.  It helps us to become doers in other aspects of our lives, cooking at home daily forms a good habit; it makes us good workers, strong, go-getters, survivors.
A date can be purchasing groceries or building a garden together, etcetera ❤️ 🙂
Try to be a prepper (preparer or survivor) in the sense that you can probably grow half of your food at home if you live in a typical suburban “house” on a lot.  If you get into vertical growing, you can grow 100% of your food.  I’ll have to find a video for you***
-*garden to bees transition brain map*-
Flowers are the easiest thing to grow; the only non-vegan thing I feel may be right for me is raising bees because they are not forced to live in a bee box that I build; they are happy to live there…  They produce far more than enough honey for themselves & my family.  Unless those that need to be taken out of power preform nuclear war, or a super-volcano erupts, or a meteor hits; people can grow healthy flowers for bees without using chemicals.

There are many species of rice.
Wild rice is healthiest.  Next is brown rice that must be cooked much longer.
Growing up in a suburb of New Orleans I culturally ate a bed of rice under many dishes, but learned culturally that rice is not tasty; it wasn’t until years later that I learned that when properly cooked, rice is delicious.
Jasmine rice is tasty.
Saffron rice is wonderful, but we simply add our own turmeric to our rice when desired.
Add peanuts and sesame seeds to rice and eat it; learn to eat new and different foods…

I became pescetarian before becoming vegan.  I ate fish & seafood along with all the good stuff as a transition.
When becoming vegan, like any dietary change, the body will be in shock until one’s body adjusts.
It is my experience that after a year, one many never want to pollute ones veins and cells with animals as food again, not from a spiritual perspective, but simply from a greasy, fatty, disgust in the mouth perspective; clean lean green foods become preferable.

Don’t listen to zombie parrots asking where you get your protein or it isn’t “complete” protein… Ask them where they get their fiber.
We aren’t cows, but you get the picture; they get their protein from the sun which only plants can convert into protein by combining the energy of the sun with amino acids to produce protein…
People can watch the sunrise in increasing increments up to 44 minutes “at sunrise”.  You can watch “Eat the Sun” if you wish to explore this further…  There is also a Hindu lady on YouTube; I’ll have to get her information to share…  “Eat the Sun” is an interesting documentary.

Don’t listen to attackers mentioning too much estrogen from tofu; that is there way of calling you a girl.  It is just an infantile attack.

You want to be surrounded and associated with friends, good people.

Start a vegan group that meets in the park if you are lucky enough to live near a good park.
We opened a facebook group for “Metairie Vegans” to start an annual Vegan Thanksgiving in the park & many Vegan groups in Asia.

We used to make a lot of “healthy french fries” in a machine that swept the cut potatoes around a pan under a heating element; the machine broke – we used it so much.

I’ve wanted a commercial steamer that looks just like a microwave oven, but I’ve never bothered to even price one…

Pumpkin is delicious.  I’ll have to write down many recipes to help you get started.

To be Continued and edited ( :

Veganism & “No-till” Farming: Two things that immediately reverse Global Warming

Heat zones encompassing cities are caused by concrete.  Micro forests can be planted in every suburban front yard to cause micro-climates, bring beauty or fruit harvests, have food abundance, share food, and be the change we want to see in the world.  Some places have recently passed laws getting the people the right to grow any food they wish.

Some say that we technically are in an ice age now, meaning any second poles can flip or shift more than the extreme magnetic pole is already shifting. 
What no one talks about is what is called the samvartica fire in India.  Every 26,920 years, or 25,920 is my memory was incorrect, the galactic plane dipped back into or up into line a sin wave by Earth & our entire solar system traveling like a warped vinyl record around the spiral galaxy; the galactic center plane has more energy which builds up in our sun until a great solar flash burns the karma of everyone on the surface of Earth either burning up people completely or facilitating the transmutation of prepared souls into higher density form.

One cause of lower density energy is animal flesh in the bloodstream.

No-till Farming” leaves the green skin on the earth using new farm equipment to plug seeds directly into the earth.
“The Dust Bowl” in U.S.A. history was directly created by tilling the earth – drying the soil.
Worse, this drying and destroying the soil micro-organisms caused the need of chemical fertilizers, etcetera.
Leaving the green skin of the earth (Documentary: Kiss the Ground) cools the planet.

Veganism has so many benefits – only the weak choose to not change insisting upon eating what they grew up on & consequently die of cancer from 1962 genome weaponized wheat, etcetera.

Veganism reduces the demand for raising animals as food, which stops the demand on destroying our medicine producing rain-forests to plant crops to feed animals; it has to stop today.

Veganism produces so much food that would be fed to animals to be raised as food that no human being living on this planet would ever have to starve.

Veganism supposedly saves fresh spring water, but I affirm that natural clean and tested spring water must be used to produce all produce!

Veganism becomes preferred by a long shot once a year goes by & one has learned how to cook truly good food, no longer killing yourself.

Some people do cleanses; how about keeping your temple clean to begin with?

The World Health Organization has long since classified meat as a carcinogen.  Carnism will stop being the problem one way or another unless they keep breeding more carnismists.  Weak Carnismists
Militantism is the opposite of strong; these people are so weak, they refuse to change because they like the taste of cows, selfish.  Who is the vagina now?

Vegans learn that food is medicine!  This is extremely empowering and exciting.  We learn that government is not our friend because the FDA, etcetera is completely corrupt; “the medical industry” is also greatly corrupt, but we can at least sew those industry standards into complete change quickly (See my gallbladder story)-(I didn’t sew, but I see that there are many ways to change the world for the better legally and easier than one may think.)