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Many years ago I learned to control the mind and that it is imperative to continuously do mental maintenance.  Every single time a negative or unwanted thought or flash-back arises, simply stop t in its tracks by choosing to think about or envision the thing we wish to focus upon whether that is one’s personal deity or something else pure or helpful.  All that is neglected disappears; the thing that one focuses upon grows; it is that simple; this is the beginning.  I also learned real meditation, not “Mindfulness“.  Focusing on one’s breath is focusing on one’s breath; it is not advanced meditation.
One hour per day of no mind meditation is the good starting point.  Sit down in your dedicated meditation chair or whatever position or situation is good for you.  The more months go by sticking to this practice, the easier to practice and the more effects come.

Through Extreme Meditative Effort:
– “My highest achievement has been deliberately opening a spiraling tunnel in the pineal gland & feeling my entire being accelerating into it.”

How was it done?:
After months of daily meditation to build up a state of being and learning about it, (1) I believed it was possible; (2) I believed I could do it because we are here to do these things and manifest rainbow body graduating into higher dimension like many ancient cultures have done, and (3) I decided to do it, & I did not care if I died trying.
I placed moved my consciousness into the pineal gland position and pressed forward.  There was a great sinus pressure…I then did not care if I died in the process; “Okay to go; Okay to go; Okay to go…then it happened – a spiraling tunnel opened & I felt my entire being accelerate into it – not like being pressed into the seat of an accelerating automobile, but “I” accelerated into it.  Then, I opened my eyes.  (If we get to such a level, what’s the point in opening the eyes, turning off what was set out to do?)

6th dimensional being
Rainbows depicted on the coffins of those being declared raised from the dead, after taking a drug to make them go beyond & come back, in an old cult…
Ancient painting of Yehoshua (Jesus) with a photon on His chest and now we have finally imaged a photon for the first time.
Padmasambhava realized, recognized, and manifested rainbow body.
This statue was made in the actual likeness of the living Padmasambhava.
I like Padmasambhava https://www.padmasambhava.org/who-is-padmasambhava/

Through Pure Meditation:
– Though daily serious meditation accumulation over time, at one point:  “I saw & heard a vibration and a sphere, which may have been the Earth and its vibration or the ‘Ohm’; the sound / vibration lasted for a couple weeks.”
I had stopped meditating at that time because of the effect.  Overcoming fear is important.  I didn’t feel afraid, but maybe I stopped to attempt to process; these states are shocking even when we are deliberately evolving; fear takes us away from our goal of ascension before expiration of the body.  The point is that if the dedication, as fire in the heart fuel, is present to manifest levels of effects, one is progressing on the path; it is a sign; personal choice is after that to continue or to stop.  Many people stop & go, stop & go; what is the point in that if the true goal is to get somewhere; just do it, ehh?

– “In India, while meditating in a Hindu temple, that I had thought at the time was a Buddhist temple because of the look of the statues inside, I saw a thick sharp lined white ring.”

Under Certain Conditions:
– “In Viet Nam, I saw what at the time I described as ‘purple quantum fluid’ that was in motion like water moving up & down.”
I was dead tired from trying to use “Vietnamese coffee” as if it were a morning cup of American coffee perhaps…or just being dead tired, but I was fully awake lying on a bed with one eye in the pillow & the other open.  I watched the plain as day vision for probably ten minutes before choosing to get up from the bed.

– “A ‘Luminous Being’ visited me when I was young.”
Perhaps I’ll get into this one later ( :

“I’m just a househusband being the best married monastic I can.  My house is my monastery until I build a larger monastic facility.  Bodies are Temples.  Decor, mindset, and dominant focus / dominant thought dictates function/usage.”  Have a room dedicated to meditation & prayer at least as a chapel if you can; otherwise, at least have a shelf as your alter or place dedicated to prayer.  It helps tremendously with daily meditation to have a chair in a quiet place just for reading and meditation.
Of course, the only goals are to realize, recognize, and manifest rainbow body before expiration of the physical body, and in doing so, one is best equipped and chooses to assist humanity’s petitions and authorizations as servant to help the world / universe, or one returns to God never having to return to the cycle of rebirth, or one travels organically through time and space using one’s rainbow body natural powers.

Our monk is a Duke of Epirus as far as a certain percentage of his bloodline; as a royal family member, he would like to be “officially invited” into the center chamber of the Angkor Wat complex by the Royal Family of Cambodia.  His royal bloodline society website is ContessaEntellina.org – not rich, just know a little bit about my bloodline; we have an amazing ancient knowledge of healing music in what is now northern Greece of the ancient Kingdom of Epirus, no telling what ancient knowledge has been lost to unholy war.
We know from the bible that fallen angels spawned giants; we know that the descendants of these giants positioned themselves to run banks, giving them the power to influence the world with monetary slavery(TheVenusProject.com).  (Monasteries need to be the dominant culture because the reason we are here is to Realize, Recognize, & Manifest Rainbow Body.)  In this light one may choose to use the benefits of certain bloodlines to work for the good of others; do you support monetary slavery or monastic culture to manifest rainbow body ascension into 6th density?

The only mission in the flesh is to attain (let go of everything that is not) the Light body (Rainbow Body), ascended (6th Density) state of being.

– Married Transcendentalist (also known as Married Vegan Monastic)

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Sometimes, I take the time to capitalize pronouns because “I” is no more Divine than “You”, “Them”, etcetera.

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ContessaEntellina.org (Oldest Italian/Sicilian Society in New Orleans)(Building & Engaging in Community is important, whatever community of which one is a part.)

We must have the purity, sacredness, and honorable pursuit of a global monastic culture to have mass meditation whether that is the masses at home meditating or in mass meditation centers, which can easily be done by converting stadiums from celebrating conflict “sports” to mass meditation centers 🙂