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There are many forms and methods of meditation.
For some people drawing or running or painting or playing piano or making crafts or throwing a ball through a hoop can be a flow state meditation.  Find and create your joy.  Excitement in play

The 108 bead prayer bead or mantra beads produce interesting effects every time around the 108 times of each “god” incarnation of God’s hands on earth.

Padmasambhava 108 times over & over, at all waking hours until you see or are visited by Padmasambhava

Quan Yin 108 times as needed or all the time

Archangel Raphael 108 times, and don’t forget to direct contact (Prayer) with powerful fuel of emotion and determination if the intent is to heal or do good work with your hands.  This is important what I am saying because One does not want to prayer with the power of begging – “Woe, is me.” – type prayer!  Bob Marley would say that’s saying prayers to the devil.  Frequency matches frequency; therefore, the vibration of Deciding to make a difference is input for the output.  Karma – Cause & Effect.  Input Output

Metatron 108 times…

Yehoshua (Jesus) 108 times…

Amitaba 108…

Avalokitasharva or Avalokitasvara 108…

“North Pole Master” (see Admiral Bird) 108…

Guardian Angel 108…

Whomever helps you from a higher ascended state; this can even be Your higher self (future evolved self)(God – whom We all eventually return to if We are not burned in the Samvartica fire.)


“Eat the Sun”(Documentary) – Gaia
This is an easy way to get out of a rut of not sitting down to meditate daily for an hour or more, watching the sun rise as long as one can take it, and then watch the sunset for an hour, which is easier than sun rise.  I pray &/or no mind meditate as I practice “eating the sun”.
The Sun emits every sound frequency, and purifies the blood through ~the eye’s retinal connection to the blood supply; I don’t recall the exact words of that particular aspect of the practice.
In Theosophy, the Sun is our emanation of God…
In may have been William Henry or elsewhere that I found that “black-spots” on the Sun are not just “giant energy bursts”, but are literal openings in the wormhole that is the Sun; light is matter; it is expelled from wormholes, not just consumed…  Openings regularly occur during one or more of the equinoxes or solstices.
Catching the energy spike pre-dawn in meditation is a superb addition to this practice.  The Energy Spike is produced by the counter rotation of the sun and Earth at physical dawn before the visual effect.  The “Accutron Inertial Sensor” has scientifically proven the energy spike; add planetary alignments, equinoxes, crystalline materials, and Earth energy line intersections to use the energy in more ways !

Easy Mantra:
“Om Namah Shivaya”
which literally means “I bow to the inner self.”
This mantra should be recited/repeated (aloud or internally) quickly.
Shiva is the highest Hindu God.  I won’t go into whether or not Yehoshua (Jesus) and Shiva are equal Emanations of the same “God the Father”(Catholic)/Source in this moment 🙂

There is more in-depth information on Meditation in several topic sections of the Health Tab 🙂


dhamma.org   Free 10 day meditation course / retreat by donation after completion includes room and board (travel to a meditation center not included)

Instant Meditation Tip:   Relax, then Focus on the space between two points such as the space betwixt a door frame.  This automatically changes the brainwave pattern.


“I Love You because We are One.
I apologize for agreeing to any separation.
Please forgive Me.
Thank You.”

During the first sentence I go into the pineal gland, then again during the second sentence if I came out of the pineal gland.  This relocation takes us out of the ego and into single eye.


Quick Meditation Tip:   “Thine Eye be Single”  (With closed eyes) be at the Center of The Universe.  Or, in steps, go into the Pineal Gland (always automatically relax when bringing One’s Consciousness down into the pineal Gland), then like nesting dolls go into the Center of Earth, then the Center of “the” Sun, then the Center of The Galaxy, then the Center of The Universe.


Meditation Tip:   (With eyes closed) lower consciousness down & back into the pineal gland (Always relax automatically the muscles and skin around the eyes when doing thi.s)(This relocates one’s consciousness set point.), ([optional] there is a lack of a better way to describe: then push forward).  This should create a flash of a white circle; sometimes just going into the pineal gland produces this result.
If One wishes to take this further, do not push forward until a pixel appears; this may take a few months of daily 1-1.5 hours no mind meditations to build up the state of being in preparation to begin to cultivate powers.  (If One is really serious on the level of a monk, One may meditate up to three hours per day.  I know of a group which meditates together on Sundays for eight hours.)  When You sees the single pixel or photon, have it face and stare at You directly, shining its light directly encompassing You & Your pineal gland where You are seated, only then push forward into the light (pixel).  If You are like Me, Sinus pain will begin; this signals that you are almost there; instead of relaxing pressure push farther forward not caring how much more pain incurs; State “Okay to go.” repeatedly until launch; a spiraling tunnel will appear & You will feel Yourself accelerating into the tunnel; Do not open Your eyes…
At this point one may want to be prepared with either the name of whomever One seeks to be taught by a defined idea calling a benevolent being to be taught by, or a Place One wishes to “Jump”.  This portal is probably not limited to the aforementioned 3 objectives.
You are welcome ∴ ❤️


Thoth Meditation (Do this daily as an absolute minimum meditation.):
At the Solar Plexus spin the Yellow Chakra clockwise relative to consciousness set point inside of the body.
Then, at the center of the pelvis bones or hips spin the Orange Sexual Chakra clockwise as well.
Then, at the anus spin a Red Chakra spiraling cone flaring out as it reaches downward from the body.
Then, between the breasts spin the Green Heart Chakra with a thin spiral of Pink through the Green.
Then, Spin the Blue Throat Chakra with the most beautiful shade of Blue.
Then, Spin the Purple Forehead Chakra with the most beautiful shade of Purple; this always relaxes the stress in the skin beside my eyes above the temples & centers my consciousness back into the God center away from the mind.
Then, Spin the White Crown Chakra where a crown would sit on one’s head flaring up and outward.
Now, put the hands palms together in a prayer position starting in front of the bottom portion of the crest plate above the solar plexus & slowly move the hands upward above the head into the Chakra up above the head, and separate the hands slowly stretching the hands outward making a circle motion downward stretching the Chakra above the head down around the body in a nice circle of space.

(Optional Additional Step)   Extend down from the tailbone into Earth a shaft of white light, upward from the top of the head a column of white light up through our brightest Sun to the enter of the galaxy, finally to the center of the universe.

I look forward to going to learn from people “Initiating” into the Light & Sound Meditation Method.
The “Initiation” is an opening of the door, which many people otherwise cannot get past.  The teaching takes one day, then a second day of reinforcement is provided.  There are different organizations giving this gift.  I found a free book online so far describing exactly what I innately already knew & have done; I haven’t finished reading “Yoga of Inner Light and Sound”.
The idea of the Light & Sound Meditation method is to swim directly upstream back to God using the light & Sound of God.  An experienced teacher should be able to guide One to ignore the irrelevant sounds or lights and to steer One to the True Light & Sound of God to focus upon.

Light & Sound Meditation method – direct fast path:
If at least a minimum of 25 participants RSVP to attend an initiation and teaching someone from SpiritualHierarchy.com will travel to your group, so that you don’t have to travel to them.  This service is provided globally, but it may be that more RSVPs may be required to travel to far off countries; I’m not certain, but they do periodically have meetings as I have described; contact them for updates.
Be prepared that this Spiritual Hierarchy group’s first instruction is to chant a mantra; the one given me was Ra Tee Lom, so I stopped there without continuing…I know of Ra from the Law of One series of books that David Wilcock talks about, but to tell me to chant Tee Lom without understanding “the energy” being summoned behind it definitely put me off.
I do not know if the lady in Taiwan has better instructional teaching(s) of the Gwen Yin Light & Sound Meditation Method, but some certainly would prefer teaching that does not require following without understanding…
We should always follow our true intuition and not reactions due to our cultural brainwashing; gain discernment from long intensely pure intent-ed no mind meditation resulting ~downloads via connecting to God when we get out of our own way.  Obviously it isn’t easy to describe in words ( :
Changing oneself changes the universe.


Each of Our photons is God stored within Our DNA vibrating the same shape as God ❤️
I realize that some people whom have never heard certain facts need documented references; I don’t always care to keep track of where I found this or that information to then share with others because the primary focus is upon seeking & evolving, returning to God.  If One truly seeks for the right reasons, One will find the information necessary to understand Truth through seeking one’s path.  There are many paths.
My path to God may not be Yours.


John Edward may have been my first self externally sought & found CD toll box set; if interested, I suggest obtaining His largest set of CDs Available.  I suggest using a remote control with finger on the pause button to have enough time when needed before He describes a next step during guided meditations that one can memorize and use.

The Catholic Rosary focusing upon the 15 mysteries of the bible stories, one for each decade of the rosary is another way to meditate.
Some prefer to only pray the Luminous mysteries…


“No mind” meditation is highly recommended for the serious meditator to achieve download firmware updates From God.
During my “Deeksha” days with “OnenessNOLA” through MeetUp.com “no mind” meditation was (& is) very powerful & important.
One can practice “no mind” during many waking hours of normal life, while making love, while making crafts, while defending Oneself, etcetera.


Ultimately, I have found forgetting worldly endeavors to be vital to navigating ascension pathway(s)…
Monks “whom have chosen to be monks” must always be supported.  I say this because in Asia many children are given to monasteries often for financial reasons.

At some point one must ask oneself if the lifestyle one is living is worth to stress; the answer is probably “no”, so choose change; return to nature; ask Your government where One may live freely from the land, exercising liberty & freedom, which public lands in this (uS) country specifically.  While You’re speaking to Your Representative remind Him or Her that the only scientifically proven crime reduction method has been Transcendental Meditation.  (A study of 7000 Transcendental Meditators directly reduced terrorism and negative events by 72% during the time of meditation.)  Capitalism creates crime by making slaves of human beings…  Government control systems are not the answer.  The Venus Project has been the best solution thus far.


Icon Meditation:
William Henry
has found a great wealth of ancient paintings from early Greek and Christian traditions from a time when most people could not read.  Memorable depictions include Jesus (Yahoshua) in Greek style with a “wand”.  Jesus with a rainbow signifying the rainbow body attainment, luminous body, ascension body.  I love William Henry‘s work because he tired together other worldly traditions pointing to the true original meaning of the way, to let go of everything that is not God allowing ascension to occur…
Staring at icons directs our focus, creating our reality…
Have an alter at home, one can use the top of a dresser, shelf, or window sill.  Have small statue(s), images or icons, or something as simple as a single candle.  Whatever it takes to remember and assist in focusing on the path/return to God is important.
William teaches that the only purpose being in these flesh bodies is to have the opportunity to evolve into the light body/luminous body, returning to God, purifying ourselves, becoming perfect…
This short description in no way summarizes the wealth and net of William Henry‘s vital paramount works.
Some of William‘s work is out of print, but can be found on eBay.
Being the last post on this page has nothing to do with the vital importance of William Henry‘s work.  I highly suggest absorbing all of his work on Gaia.com.
William Henry can be found on GaiamTV.com (I use the “Gaia” smartphone app.  The best place to begin absorbing William Henry’s work!)  iTunes charges tax.  Go directly to Gaia.com to subscribe & get a two week trial free.

Sense I am mentioning William Henry, I must also mention Freddy Silva on Gaia.  William Henry’s photographic presentations are very inspirational, but Freddy Silva‘s presentations are very informative in a way that empowers one to use the information directly into the benefit of one’s life!

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Namaste – I bow to the Divine Light in You that is the same Divine Light in Me.

– Married Vegan Monastic 🙂


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