Direct Stream Direct Stream back to God / Source Light and Sound Meditation Method Quan Yin Meditation Method Sant Mat has been reported to not be as fast, but is reported to be a serious method to reach God. Quan Yin / Light & Sound meditation method goes by many names, but is all the same choice to connect with and traveling back to God / Source. It is a guide; each individual on this path seeks to find the way that works for themselves. These are not the only paths, clearly… “only the good die young” ~ graduate pay the karma or burn off the karma Monasticism must be supported for the good of all as well as the few whom have chosen to walk that path. Community culture in India freely supports the local temple; this is absolutely paramount for the rest of the world to learn from! The Unified Field is positively affected by true monasticism and monastic culture. Organic Vegan Farming Eco-Villages can show the world how people can live in peace & harmony dedicated to God. ❤️ ❤️