Ascension before death, graduation from the cycle of rebirth is the goal.

With focus and concentration we transmute our bodies into light.

As Light bodies we travel freely.

CE5 Contact – rainbow Light body 6th density being

There have been thousands of cases of this ascension before death in old Tibet, but the all encompassing traditions of Tibet are a way, not the only way.
Global culture focused on the goal of purity & ascension is the entire reason we are here on this planet.

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Meditation in Schools will save the world, not “Mindfulness”. VeganMonastery.org
Mass meditation reduces negative events during the time of mass meditation.
Freeing minds of children gives them the most needed tool in life.
If a global culture of meditation can be cultivated freely, coherence is automatic, and all issues resolve.

The imaging of a photon
Jesus was probably married as was the norm for rabbis in that time and still is the norm in many religions today.

Intentional communities” are a threat to government total control / deep state totalitarianism.
Johnstown was mass murder committed by the CIA; injection points were found on every body; there never was cool-aid; that was a story to cover up and scare people into consent of policy & governance; the biggest threat to governance is simply saying “No, we govern ourselves.”  Then, as now, people must be realists in the acute issues of violence, meaning have at least one pocket pistol ready to end the threat from extremists seeking to convert by the sword or radicals seeking to mug or rob people; finally, gun free school zones must be abolished immediately along with compulsory micro-chipping and Radio Frequency Identification(RFID) tattoos of humans.  I would go a step further and abolish the right of policy enforcement (Police) to disarm during traffic stops because at that point there is total tyranny; there is no right to protect human beings (any human can be under the influence of evil), whom happen to be wearing a uniform.
Monastic Life is the solution to everything; farm, meditate, live in peace VeganMonastery.org

❤️ https://www.permanentpeace.org/plan/ ❤️