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The inner ear is crucial in health because it is commented to the entire nervous system through the vegas nerve reaching every organ.

Offering 1 month, 3 month, 9 month, 1 year, etcetera coins, I think it took the game of the coin trophy to finally completely surrender

The spider’s web photographs, sober & on caffeine, helped:

I also watched a lot of videos to keep me focused.  It takes time for the amount of adenosine receptors to adapt back to a balanced proportion, so meditate meditate meditate daily!


Autism, Energy, Diabetes, & Health:

Autism?  Watch this first video; a mother heals her son’s autism:

All three of these videos are on the Gaia streaming service app or online.  One can use the Gaia firestick, telephone apps, or

If you want to be healthy:
– Get out of the “cancer belt” of America,
– Eat organic gluten-free vegan, and eliminate stress,
– Have excitement preforming an activity with one loves,
– Love other people generally speaking; healthy chemicals are promoted within the body for happy people; grumpy people are opposite.
– Purification, rising to higher density, and service to others is what it is all about.
– Prayer, Meditation, whether no mind meditation, drawing something, or some other form of meditation – because the purpose of being on this planet in 3rd density is to graduate to higher density, so attitude is everything…

Read “Secrets of Aboriginal Healing”, then meditate exploring its concepts as it applies to oneself.

– Married Vegan Monastic


Be Vegan (:
If all humans eat what the body is designed to digest (unprocessed non-preservative vegan food crops watered with natural spring water free of metals or contamination) there is no longer a reason to have human beings starving to death on this planet.

The amount of vegan food being fed to animals would instead feed humans so many times over.
Vertical gardening can provide food at home solutions without the need to purchase food. – also provides off-grid “green” home energy generators and cellular modems for complete automation!


Let food be thy medicine.

With the healthcare incompetence & corruption in Louisiana, we really need to be our own doctor now-a-days, meaning finding our own information with discernment.



I have to do better the next time someone tells me that they love their filet mignon as an excuse to not be interested in veganism…

On Netflix watch The Game Changers“, “Cowspiracy“, and “What the Health!
I love that the doctor shows the professional athletes their cloudy plasma after eating meat meals & clear plasma after eating vegan (The Game Changers) (:   <3 (:

Doctor Milton Mills on YouTube can state which chemicals in eggs and milk harm the body, especially for African Americans and Native Americans <3 (:

– Married Vegan Monastic



Don’t forget that the FDA and secret “shadow” government (CIA, etcetera) is completely corrupt…
The World Health Organization has declared Meat as a Carcinogen.  Let that sink in.
Meat lobby managed to increase the amount of meat being pushed into school lunches through FDA guidelines the same way ketchup is classified as a vegetable in school lunches.(Tomatoes are a fruit.  High fructose corn syrup is not a vegetable.)
Capitalism directly promotes these types of abuses.  Would the medical industry have been reclassified under Nixon as for profit entities from being a public service if were not for capitalism?  You will see many proofs of this as you continue to read.  Solutions exist.

– Married Vegan Monastic


No doctor prescribes morphine pills after a surgery with complications even though the pills exist…
I am not a drug addict; the government has no right to regulate in any way what medicines doctors are or are not allowed to prescribe or whom is allowed any particular medicine!  It is ridiculous that some doctors don’t even prescribe pain medication other than ridiculous acetaminophen after surgery; that is going too far…
Louisiana healthcare is ranked in the bottom 4 of 50 states.  Louisiana was 50th; do not be fooled into the rise to 46th out of 50 states by the caner “treatment” center offering profitable treatments instead of known cures.  Targeted Resonant Frequencies (100,000 -300,000htz) have been proven to destroy cancer cells; check out our Cancer tab.
Government has no right preventing anyone from doing something unless that individual is doing harm to others!  Check out our Governance Tab.

– Married Vegan Monastic


Review & Opinion of Elizabeth Dimitri, owner of Dimitri Dermatology in the Metairie/New Orleans Area:
She said: “let’s see if we can get the lab to use the word ‘cancer'”.
She lied about treatment options in order to bill for the use and operation of her radio(whatever) machine.
I hate doctors who fail to tell me exactly what they are about to do before they do it (referring to the unnecessary biopsy because I already had one; she need billable wording).
Make no mistake; Elizabeth Dimitri is a criminal. She told me that I could loose my genitals. “I’m the only one with a machine.”, she said.

The skin cancer was completely cured by a cream prescribed by an Ochsner affiliated (at the time of this writing) doctor.

After the skin cancer returned, I finally found Doctor John Kwon on Robert E. Lee (in New Orleans) who agreed to freeze it off immediately sense the creme is such a long drawn out hassle; it never returned after freezing.  Quick, Simple, Done.

Louisiana is in the bottom worse 4 states of 50 for good reason; one sometimes has to beg or shop through many doctors to get one to do the right thing.  You are the boss, not the doctor; if you know better, take control over your medical care, and “tell” your doctor in a humble way whats what and how you wish to be treated.  In Louisiana you have to protect yourself as you will see in the next case.
Doctors are not qualified to practice.  Diet is absolutely necessary to evaluate as shown in the next case.

– Married Vegan Monastic


Review & Opinion of Joseph Uddo, retired general surgeon East Jefferson Hospital in Metairie, Louisiana:
Doctor Joseph Uddo developed the robotic laparoscopic gallbladder removal procedure.
He watched my gallbladder for two years. The polyps did not grow. Vegan diet is a tremendous factor in proper diagnoses & treatment plans. He stated that the gallbladder polyp was now “a true polyp with blood flow”, which gave me no choice but to allow him to do surgery, but after he removed the gallbladder he said that I had chronic inflammation. If all I had was inflammation, I would have taken cinnamon daily to reduce it. I have painful gas that wakes me at night; I have more issues now than before the surgery caused completely by a doctor manipulating me for financial gain. He admitted that doctors used to remove only the stones and polyps, but proceeded to say that “they will just grow back”. He absolutely could have merely removed the actual problem. That is where he is completely wrong, and a doctor should know (corrupt American Medical Association (& FDA?)) that the vegan diet gives the highest probability that it will not grow back. Doctors are not educated on veganism’s extreme benefits and how the body acts differently due to a vegan diet.  People need gallbladders.  It is a lie when they say that we do not need a gallbladder. The body becomes “hot” inside as Asian medicine calls it, and putts great stress on upon other organs.
As of August 6st, 2022 3D printed gallbladders have been used as transplants after removing a gallbladder; either this or actually going back to the old way of removing the problem from the gallbladder is absolutely needed to be the new norm as an option in surgery for vegan patients.
Dietary consideration must be the new norm (industry standard practice) in the medical industry.
– Organ Donors – If the doctor was too lazy to open the gallbladder to take out the stone, can I get a gallbladder donation from an organ donor?
The night after the surgery I did not sleep because after telling Uddo that my body does not like Tylenol, he wrote the pain prescription for Norco, which was acetaminophen with whatever else in it, so I was in pain all night because I took the medicine as prescribed until I read what Norco is when the sun came up.
It is criminal that the governing body for medical doctor and surgeon education does not require vegan, nutrition, and herbal/nature medicine education to become a doctor; instead we have a corrupt system geared to support an “industry”. Nixon was wrong to restructure medicine and hospitals into a for profit business! The medical industry is in the business of making money, not healing. Be extremely cautious, and do your best to study before allowing action.
There are morphine pills, but so called doctors are trained not to prescribe medicine because of the fear of turning people into drug addicts. The medical industry is extremely corrupt; people have the right to use medicine that works for their individual bodies without control system over-site of any kind!
Because medical “professionals” are making decisions based upon monetary gain and politics, one must be extra careful at all times.
The medical field invalidates capitalism completely; this is even worse in Asia. Nixon’s policy to change hospitals from a service to for profit entities was wrong & should be reversed…

– Married Vegan Monastic
 saves enslaved humans by automation, freeing humanity, allowing mass monasticism to exist to move past the great wall to purpose – a value system of reality: to focus upon graduating to higher densities.  This Tibetan cultural goal of graduating the most beings to light body / enlightenment is the reason we are here – to learn our lessons & graduate.  The Tibetans is a model civilization as far as placing its national goal in alignment with the purpose of 3rd density incarnation.

Regarding Higher Densities:
– Married Vegan Monastic



Mushrooms are big in science now. There is estimated to be more species of mushrooms than plants on the planet. One mushroom extract is healing bees. A Japanese mushroom extract heals HPV. Lions Mane mushrooms helps the brain. Of course there are mushrooms that can kill people, but we are finding many that help people in many ways. In Viet Nam there is a purple mushroom that helps people who have headaches.
AHCC, an extract from a Japanese mushroom, is now being used to treat HPV.
“AHCC is a readily available nutritional supplement that works to improve the innate immune system. Human and preclinical studies have shown that AHCC increases the number and/or activity of Natural Killer (NK) cells, dendritic cells and cytokines, which help the body fight off infections and block tumor growth.” (October 28th, 2014 Source: University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston by Deborah Mann Lake)
It is said that HPV can cause cancer; it is a shame that one sometimes has to accidentally hear something from a television instead of a doctor.
Generally speaking doctors are obviously in their chosen careers for the paycheck, not to help people. Seeing too many patients too quickly is not the way to deal with every individual… offers various freeze dried mushrooms in capsules as supplements of mushrooms that help the body in different ways. Just read the contents before buying because some have ginko, not just mushrooms, so they may provide extra wakefulness; therefor, one may not want to take too late in the day or in the two capsule doses many of these are suggested in.

– Married Vegan Monastic



Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends

I’ve found the Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends through  Thank God for the Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends !
I had not been “fully” amerced in my path for too long due to some circumstances, but since I attended my first Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends meeting I was able to ignore the negative focus on this disease or that one people were mentioning, which were cured with the help of the power of the connection to God assisted by Bruno Gröning, and I have been connected to God more constantly throughout the day and night, especially when alone.  The 9AM & 9PM times to connect with the energy of others practicing Bruno Gröning’s ≈meditation (more like a natural purer form of Qi Gong facilitated by a simply tuning into connecting to God – the stream is there; we just have to jump in :D) is a great help.  [Yeah, I know, I love my style of writing too.]
The power of the stream of energy is multiplied when we meet together as a group.  We sit, feet flat on the floor, with palms turned upward on our thighs, and ask Bruno to assist in our connection to God.  We give whatever disease we may be suffering from to Bruno one time, then forget about it; we do not talk about disease because that attention keeps the disease.  We only talk about healing after a healing has occurred, which I generally don’t want to hear about because I know that focus is everything; why would I want to focus on someone’s disease even if Bruno helped to facilitate God’s healing?  We do not gossip.  We focus on connecting to God and asking Bruno Gröning for his assistance with many things.  Always relax.  Always focus on following God.  Bruno did not follow man; he followed God completely : )
Bruno either said that nature is God, or God is in nature.  Nature recharges us.  Bruno said that the body is like a battery that we deplete; most people do not recharge it.  Being in nature and connecting to God, and practicing his ≈meditation recharges our bodies.

An excerpt from “An Introduction to the Teachings of Bruno Gröning” – by Grete Häusler (ISBN 978-3-927685-21-5 English):
Heilstrom: This is what Bruno Gröning called the spiritual force that causes healing.  He also used the terms ‘healing wave’ and ‘divine force’ synonymously.
Einstellen: A person ‘tunes in’ to the divine force and absobs it.
Regelungen: The streaming in of the force starts a cleaning process in the body that can also express itself as pain.  The illness is cleansed out of the body.  Bruno Gröning called this Regelung.”

Following God and being connected to God surrounds us with God’s protection and assistance; Bruno’s mission was to help people.  Do not command, but ask Bruno for many things.  Bruno said nothing is incurable; there is no incurable.
Do not think about it with the intellect; just give it to Bruno and let go of the evil that has been taken in by culture, which causes disease.  Let go of greed, jealousy, anger, rage…

God cures.  We are here to go back to God.  The hero’s journey: Separation, Initiation, & Return.  When we help people daily we get a feeling of being connected to God.  If we only follow God, we are on the path.

Bruno felt money was evil; he probably loves TheVenusProject.

Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends has a global support organization and meets in various cities regularly.

Trust Bruno; thank God.

– Married Vegan Monastic




James Rogers Newton was another great extremely interesting healer.
I believe the bible says that every age there are & will be great avatars (my words), healers, teachers, etcetera.
Modern spiritual healers, teachers, and great avatars are generally frowned upon in modern society, but when ancient spiritual texts state that these defenders and supporters of light are still here and always will be; it isn’t faith, but comfort in knowing and engaging in that truth that is empowering.


Alignment with one’s higher/highest self is very important.  Culture and Ego are false expectations or false programming…  If You are bored, it is because You are boring.  We are powerful beings.

– Married Vegan Monastic



In every moment we choose our reality.
“There are only five facts in existence.  The five laws:
1:  You exist.
2:  Everything is here and now.
3:  The One is All, and The All are One.
4:  What you put out is what you get back.
5:  Everything changes except the laws.”
– Bashar



Genital Mutilation
Circumcision is organized crime.  It generates a minimum billing of $5000.  Ignorance is not knowing how to pull skin back to clean a penis when bathing once or more per day.  (In the south in the summer more than one shower or bath per day is often required.)  It is not a cleanliness issue.  When you are eighteen and run out of skin because the penis gets so erect at sexual peek you will learn the evil of genital mutilation.  The foreskin makes the penis go into the vagina effortlessly with excess lubrication as the penis unfolds once entering the moistness of the interior vaginal canal.  If the folds of the skin are already erect, lubrication is required; less is required when the foreskin is touching the vaginal opening, opening the labia for the penis head to enter as it was created to.  I would produce a video tutorial explanation if I thought society could handle it, but the truth is cultural society in this country is far behind where it should be.  It is ridiculous that these things have to be explained.  I am not saying the vagina need not be stimulated to release its natural lubricant before entering, so don’t start a fight just for the sake of your conflict programing.  People must be living in such a state of mindlessness or ignorance that they just go along with insanity without analysis of any kind because they think they should do as the Romans do when in Rome instead of leading humanity.  Industry standards are ridiculous in this country, and that is saying it exactly – “industry standards” – capitalism instead of intelligence.  “The Venus Project” + “Dr. Greer’s Orion Project” = the way forward!

– Married Vegan Monastic


“Mastery of this life is never realizing that failure is a possibility.”

“After having chosen to thrive, unresolved issues may come up to be released.”

Affirmation:  “I am God in human form; health is My nature.”  There is Divinity within.

– Married Vegan Monastic



Mental Health

It is vital that we follow Our purpose.  Goals are good.  Focusing on one dominant highest priority drives a person to feel good while working toward achievement.  Even if Your purpose is to volunteer helping people directly, this can provide purpose.  One may need to meditate or ask Oneself what Your purpose is.  Determine Your purpose and follow your personal compass & personal legend, and you will find the mighty forces come to aid.  It may be that Your posse is to cultivate compassion and love in the heart.  With any purpose it is focus that is key.  What We focus upon expands!  The opposite fads away.  Mental health can hinge upon focused dedication.  Working on Ourselves is good because the things dear to Our hearts & deepest desires have fuel to be attracted to Us as We let go of focused thought on the desire itself.  Environment is also key.  Release any ties in the mind that binds to a location, situation, or people which do not provide the environment to nurture & provide the peaceful harmonious setting conducive to Your well-being and mission.

– Married Vegan Monastic




I recommend food cure & herbal remedy books.
In some cases Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is better than western medicine.
In China I found two health professionals who helped me far more than any doctor in the United States of America.  If I could have taken the air pollution in China and if the department of immigration and naturalization would not have forced me to return to the United States I believe the treatments of traditional Chinese medicine & Chinese methods of chiropractic services would have served me well.
A skilled and experienced traditional Chinese medicine doctor can read One’s pulse and know where there may be an issue in the body.  The first time I experienced TCM in Singapore I was skeptical therefore did not say much, so that the doctor was forced to prove to me his skills.  This was a free doctor through a married Lama’s temple services.  The doctor was spot on & cured my body’s issue at that time; it is vital to become educated in the realm of nutrition, eat correctly, and care of the mind, body and spirit.  One should not expect that a treatment make the body immortal.  Just because One grew up eating this or that at this or that time of year is no longer an excuse especially if this becomes a habitual way of eating.  I saw a pregnant woman eating Doritos, which contain monosodium glutamate (MSG); MSG is banded in Japan…

– Married Vegan Monastic



Diabetes Cure Update:

I’ve found a few good leads to the cure pills by Ray Kurzweil whom cured himself of Diabetes…

200 pills per day rewrote his DNA receptors & cured him.  My understanding is that it rewrites the DNA by engaging the receptors thereby changing what the cells seek and the chemistry of the body and curing the condition.     (this is the closest I’ve reached so far)

The point is that We do not have to submit to the medical “Industry” purchasing treatments which do not even work or are designed to produce continued profit as a first priority in some cases.

There are cures for all sorts of things; its up to the seeker to take care of One’s own health now-a-days because the medical “profession” hasn’t yet caught up with reality.

– Married Vegan Monastic



Menstrual Pain Relief:

Boil spring water, Hops, fresh spearmint, a Chinese sugar called red sugar in America & what is called black (or red) sugar in Chinese/Asian markets, & some sliced ginger.  Drink when cool enough to not burn you.  Preemptively drink before cycle starts or at least a day before pain usually begins to stop it before it occurs.  If you’ve waited too late for a preemptive strike, drink it anyway, it can help.  This is a recipe I invented from combining Native American & Chinese remedies.  If you can take the taste, one doesn’t need to use the sugar & ginger if you don’t want to; the spearmint & hops is what is important.  Native American women use to gather hops in the fields; the oil from the hops entered the fingers, and they noticed menstrual pain would not occur.

You’re welcome.

– Married Vegan Monastic



Health requires a holistic approach including the realm of public relations policies. (Capitalism affects medical industry & many other aspects of Our health.) (One’s environment affects One’s happiness which affects One’s health.) (Free Energy Technology Push to benefit humanity)

– Married Vegan Monastic






Harvard Study Unveils what Meditation Literally Does to the Brain –

Numerous studies have indicated the many physiological benefits of meditation, and the latest one comes from Harvard University.

An eight week study conducted by Harvard researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) determined that meditation literally rebuilds the brains grey matter in just eight weeks. It’s the very first study to document that meditation produces changes over time in the brain’s grey matter. (1)

“Although the practice of meditation is associated with a sense of peacefulness and physical relaxation, practitioners have long claimed that meditation also provides cognitive and psychological benefits that persist throughout the day. This study demonstrates that changes in brain structure may underlie some of these reported improvements and that people are not just feeling better because they are spending time relaxing.” – (1) Sara Lazar of the MGH Psychiatric Neuroimaging Research Program and a Harvard Medical School Instructor in Psychology

The study involved taking magnetic resonance images (MRI) of the brain’s of 16 study participants two weeks prior to participating in the study. MRI images of the participants were also taken after the study was completed.

“The analysis of MR images, which focused on areas where meditation-associated differences were seen in earlier studies, found increased grey-matter density in the hippocampus, known to be important for learning and memory, and in structures associated with self-awareness, compassion and introspection.” (1)

For the study, participants engaged in meditation practices every day for approximately 30 minutes. These practices included focusing on audio recordings for guided meditation, non-judgmental awareness of sensations, feelings and state of mind.

“It is fascinating to see the brain’s plasticity and that, by practicing meditation, we can play an active role in changing the brain and can increase our well-being and quality of life. Other studies in different patient populations have shown that meditation can make significant improvements in a variety of symptoms, and we are now investigating the underlying mechanisms in the brain that facilitate this change.” – (1) Britta Holzel, first author of the paper and a research fellow at MGH and Giessen University in Germany




On Meditation

[Omitted text – There are many meditation methods.  Where one fails to summon the blood & potent fire in the heart to push all aside, rise above, & have single priority to cultivate Buddha-hood to easily rise above thoughts, another may say that one does not have to “try” to clear one’s mind. – Married Vegan Monastic]  One important factor I enjoyed reading from one study is that participants were engaged in “non-judgmental awareness of sensations, feelings and state of mind.”

– Married Vegan Monastic




On Meditation:

You may notice, but do not engage the thoughts.  You absolutely can “try” to empty your mind if the fire & determination has grown within your heart.  A point may come when you realize that all of the day to day tasks are completely meaningless if simply surviving and not working to make the world a better place.  This may be the fire one needs to unlock the Fast-Pass to emptying the mind, because of disinterest in anything other than fulfillment in order to cultivate powers in order to bestow to humanity.  This is absolutely commendable if this has happened to You.  The highest priority can be the fuel to burn the fire of achievement power because of the reason (the pure passion) behind it, to help and bestow to humanity.

You may find though Your own personal compass how to achieve things through Your own method(s) which You have never read about before.  This is good.  Intuitively One may choose to bring one’s awareness point of view to the pineal gland & see from it’s point of view literally.  See with the eye of the pineal gland by knowing where it is located and being there.  One may see a white ring (One may feel sinus pressure when doing this), if meditating or trying long enough One may see an oval ring.  If focus is kept, One may be able to push forward revealing a cone shape which may turn into a spiraling tunnel; if focus is not broken, One may feel the acceleration going into the tunnel.  This is one form of astral travel.  The determination of not caring how painful the sinus pressure became was key for Me; I did not care how painful because I had chosen that night to achieve My goal; I did not care if the pain would result in death of the body; this was key.  Stay locked into Your focus.  You must believe it is possible & believe that You can.  A belief that You are separate from God strips Your power.

One may experience that daily meditation puts One into a state of being so calm that You always have the perfect response to another because You are centered in Your higher self, more connected to Source.  One becomes better.

Meditation makes the brain work better perhaps by both shutting it down a while & also by connecting it to source, recharging it.
I highly recommend the tools that I have learned for meditation, but Buddha says – what works for you, keep, if you try it wholeheartedly, but it doesn’t work for you, discard it.

One may choose to download from God using visual focus & bringing one’s consciousness to the pineal gland.  Dropping all emotion from the sides of the eyes is something that occurs when engaging in certain practices.  A relatively true form of Qi Gong is more mental than physical.  When circulating energy from below the naval inside the belly (don tien)spinning for a while or slowly opening & closing a lotus flower there, and then drawing the energy to the area between the sex organs & the anus, then around to the low back above the tailbone for a while, then slowly up the spinal cord to the brain, my eyes relax immediately, then bring energy to the spot between the brows at the base of the forehead, then down the face slowly & front of the body returning the naval.  This is not solely found in Qi Gong teaching; this is also found in “Sacred Love-Making”, a DVD, which can be found on

– Married Vegan Monastic




Qi Gong / Chi Kung (Chi~Energy Kung~Cultivation)

for maintaining health, living longer & healthier, meditation practice integration to an amount (not a no mind practice at all)

Simply visualizing being in a park with animals as friends cultivates the heart; this is not insignificant.

I highly recommend finding an authentic “Sifu” or master of Qi Gong or Chi Kung because after one or two weeks of daily practice I felt the chi energy tingling my body; this is not insignificant.  In New Orleans, the best I’ve found so far is “Sifu Tommy”, though a hypocrite and less compassionate than I would have liked, Sifu Tommy can teach one Qi Gong in a significant way; what he failed to inform me of prior to beginning his class is that he will refuse to continue teaching the student who fails to practice daily between once weekly lessons.  He refuses to offer even for money a daily practice groups &/or times, which is extremely short sighted as this can generate more needed revenue for him & community to reinforce and particularly to fully understand the material is a need.  It is a poor teacher who is arrogant to believe that his way is the only way or to not be compassionate enough to offer the assistance that the student needs to succeed.  Each human being has different needs.  The teacher who adapts and flows like water is the successful one.  I am not condemning Sifu Tommy; he has extremely valuable information worth paying good money for, but be prepared one way or another to form your own practice group & take the one day per week course with a friend committed to succeed in daily practice and completing the several week course with you if this is what is needed for you to succeed.  Sifu Tommy does have enough compassion to invite one back to the next group class when it begins if one does not succeed the first time during costly private lessons.  His English is not good (at the time I tried his teaching a few years ago); it took several weeks & reviews to understand his instruction of the first few lessons; it seemed that he taught one thing, but during each review my understanding changed, private lessons may not be the best thing.  Group lessons are inconvenient because one must conform to the schedule of the group even if it is a bad time for you to begin if you are about to travel for example.  The group provides different questions and clarification one may not think to ask for on one’s own.  This is a lifestyle change; it requires an hour per day of practice.
“If the student hasn’t learned, the teacher hasn’t taught.” – Jack Baggit     It takes great dedication to be a real teacher who cares about the student.  If a student shows interest, a teacher must work with the student.  Every student learns in one’s own way.  Some students learn by writing, some by speaking, some by listening, some by watching then doing, some students take longer to learn and need daily immersion.  Some students require a mixture of input methods to learn.  It is wrong to deny the student what one needs to learn.
One hour, once per week, for several weeks, simply does not make sense…  (Sifu Tommy)

– Married Vegan Monastic




Back to Meditation

You may notice that I advertise  The “Transcendental Meditation” method based on a mantra, or word, or syllable may work for You, but in My experience the purity of no mind meditation on a daily basis is much more profound.  My method may require true purpose or discipline or pure desire or a firm calling.  My method produced ≈”downloads” & naturally occurring automatic physical action = I intuitively made a circle action movement with My finger pointed to the air…  Later I saw a blue Hindu god illustrated making this same action with His finger.

– Married Vegan Monastic



Guided Meditations:
John Edward developed a helpful prayer to protect from the negative energy of other beings:  I encircle myself in the white light of God’s love & divine protection.  This can be customized.  John Edward’s CDs (guided meditations especially) & books were a very helpful in the beginnings of starting to meditate daily.  His psychic enhancement methods are superb if practiced daily until no longer needed.

– Married Vegan Monastic



On Re-programing the Mind:

If You experience negative thoughts or flashbacks, there is a way to reprogram Your mind.  Awareness & determination to find a way had to have come first to get this far.  Every time an undesired thought or flashback arises simply immediately choose the preferred though or topic of mental focus or state of being One wishes to dwell in.  One may find that methods are easy at first, but the key is in each day reinforcing your new chosen state of being and mental devotion or mental engagement which will lead You well on Your way to where You need to be.  It may be difficult, but if One wishes to change One’s automatic thoughts, One must keep up the reprogramming every day all day until it becomes the new You.  Afterward, One must still keep up this practice because there are cycles upon cycles upon cycles of time and reoccurring life experiences that naturally come back up if not resolved or not yet fully reprogrammed.  Waking can possibly be a source of forgetfulness.  Shape Your environment with reminders because this is Your chosen endeavor & You shall not be defeated.
– One may experience that daily meditation puts One into a state of being so calm that You always have the perfect response to another because You are centered in Your higher self.  One becomes better.

– Married Vegan Monastic

Post Script:
“A Course in Miracles” also helps to have new ways of seeing things.  “An object only has the meaning we place upon it.”



Just an article I’ve found; I have not tried the following:


Herbs and plants are an integral part of the life that exists on our planet on every level. Plants are our food, our medicine and also our catalysts to the expansion of our consciousness. Used since the days of old. Herbs are an essential part of our awakening journey. From ritualistic ceremonies and sweat lodges our ancestors knew how to “get high”.

I really don’t think it is just an expression and there are many different types of natural herbs that can expand your awareness. Natural herbs can lift you up and allow you to ride high into the cosmic consciousness.

These 5 plants can stimulate your consciousness and open you up to alternate dimensions of reality.

1. Xhosa Dream Root – The Teaching Plant

Known as the ‘teaching plant’ Xhosa is considered highly sacred. Shamans use Xhosa dream root to promote lucid dreaming and to initiate other shamans in ceremony.
If you want more vivid and profound dreams and to gain universal insight, give this herb a try.
Just mix a small amount in water and sip it back before you go to bed. You can use it in a tea, but it is known to be a bit on the bitter side.

2. Celastrus Paniculatus – The Elixir of Life

Sounds like a spell from Harry Potter doesn’t it? But this amazing gift from Mother Nature has a lot of stellar qualities. Used for more than lucid dreaming it is also know to promote longevity and sharpens the mind and memory.

3. Blue Lotus – Mind Body Spirit Herb

This is a favorite that is used in yogic practices, the blue lotus is known to be a source of the universe’s highest sacred energies. 

This relaxing herb promotes the mind body spirit connection as well as lucid dreaming states.

Highly recommended for insomnia sufferers as well. It is best consumed by smoking or used in elixirs and steeped tea.

4. Wild Asparagus Root – Fly by Night

This special herb is known to give the dreamer the ability to fly in your dreams.

Many Taoists use and recommend this herb for dream mobility, and reports have many users soaring through the skies and all across the universe and even into alternate realities and dimensions.

This herb is best used in tea.

5. African Dream Bean – Master Spirit Connections

Considered the best for promoting euphoric lucid dreaming states, the African Dream Bean is used by a number of tribes and cultures around India, Australia and Asia.

This herb is often used in magic and rituals many find that their dreams are so powerful and vivid and declare that spirit communications come on quickly.

Best used dried and smoked, you can also ingest the seeds orally.

Sweet Dreams!

By: LJ Vanier






Bless / purify / charge your water before drinking because water retains ≈memory or coherence from the medications urinated, treated, and sent to your tap…

Spring water is best.

I recommend the cartoons on to learn some interesting concepts.
– Married Vegan Monastic


Do not boil tap water thinking it gets rid of fluoride; it makes it more potent / concentrated.

Whole house water filters can take the fluoride and chlorine out of the tab water.  The only question remaining is whether the build up along the inner walls of the piping will distribute unwanted material or not and whether or not all of the piping in the house would have to be changed. Add filters at each shower and sink to filter the lines. Reverse Osmosis filters are available.  Amazon has systems available as well as

What kind of water (chemicals) are going directly into your grown fruits & vegetables?  Do you grow your own food?

Here is a company that sells water ionizers (a Japanese invention / medical breakthrough) / produces alkaline water, which helps the body immensely:

– Married Vegan Monastic



The new community fun can be the Amish harvest festival.  The free shelter/community center where neighbors assist other neighbors repairing electric fans, bicycles, etcetera free of charge; this service to others is vital to graduate this density and to create the world in which we want to live.
We do not need to breed cows & inject them with hormones to produce milk; people don’t need to drink what makes them into cows.
We now have cashew milk & almond milk.  [Separate topic: almond pasteurization versus unpasteurized true nature benefits]
Trees can be spread out without the need for fertilizers to poison the fish in of ocean.  As Dr. Wayne Dyer would say, cow milk is for baby cows to become adult cows.  Do you want to be a cow?  We no longer need a capitalistic governance to “market” (brainwash) into telling us false needs/lies/marketing/lobbied tyranny/crime against humanity.
Weight training muscle builders use vegan protein now.
Wilhelm Reich has already developed moisture drawing technology to bring rain.  We have the technology to change the world for the better.  We can work toward a higher standard of living for all humans and a clean natural free environment.  The moon race is “Resource Based Economy“, formally known as “The Venus Project“.
“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”
~ Albert Einstein




Community is vital to work toward a better future for humanity as well as acutely helping each-other as neighbors; there are many paths; one path is kirtan – singing the names of God’s incarnations – in a group is good joy and can open the heart; singles need a spiritual temple in which to meet with pure minds and hearts.

– Married Vegan Monastic




The foodie enjoys gustatory exploration.  I remember the first time I ever tasted Thai food; I was fortunate enough to be invited to a restaurant by a friend & his father, who had good taste in food.  Foodies take pleasure in the thing the looks like a meat or seafood to taste a plant never thought of in his mind before.  Foodies are not cynical angry people with attitudes about something not tasting like what they already know & love.  Vegan foods are names strange names simply for convenience.  “Looks like” is too long of a name to add to new creations of sustenance in a whole new field of saving humanity from the industries of old ways that people used to need for survival.  I look forward to finding ambitious excited “positive minded” chefs to run the Vegan restaurants I intend to open.  Some vegans give up in my hometown because when dinning out it can be difficult to find anything decent.

The amount of food that we feed animals to raise as food in the United States of America alone would end human starvation if Americans would choose to make new delicious vegan culinary recipes containing whey protein, etcetera as vegan nutrition is a great science of human fuel, food cures / medicinal food, and a superb opportunity for entrepreneurs to save human lives, add a positive change in the world, and feed their families.  If you lack the passion or conviction to try new delicious food creations to save human lives, God help you.

– Married Vegan Monastic



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