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Is Socratic Education better than the scoring and Degree system of old still in Play?
Being prepared to earn a living paying for one’s entire survival & to thrive is a goal to be met by the forced education system or else we have an imperial – get a job; i don’t care about You – strange communist tyranny for the government, not for the people.

Sense the super rich are trickling down & pushing their storm trooper arms infringement / disarmament of sovereign citizens agenda:

They want to take firearms away from “crazy” people while calling everyone and anyone who wants to have a firearm or has a firearm “crazy”.

The truth is that violent selfish culture is the enemy, not sovereign citizen self defense or militia forces to ensure that federal government doesn’t continue to inflate and expand its imperial storm trooper militant-ism upon uS citizens, humanity, and the planet.

In RUSSIA spouses stab and murder each other with knives; that is violent culture.  It is now easier to get a “gun” in Russia, than in the united States.

In America billions of dollars are spent to promote conflict culture in the form of football and other domination sports.

Do you want to now talk about the desensitization to violence in film and television?  This is programing to accept what the government is going to do to people as long as it isn’t you or your family members; by then it is getting too late…

Public schools more than anywhere in the uS needs to heal the abuse of the children who have extreme abuse in the form of direct abuse, the culture they see outside of school, and the “adults” closest to them that children see therefore automatically programs their brains in the first seven years as how to act directly into the firmware of the subconscious.  These traumas must be healed and new positive programing must be offered from elementary schools through universities.

I have lived in China.  I have traveled through & or lived in more than a baker’s dozen Asian nations.  I hear things such as “at least we have freedom”; the differences are so minute, that I feel the need to share:
One does not own real estate in China; one owns a fifty year usage, which then may get renewed if the government doesn’t wish to relocate those units to a different area in order to redevelop.  But, they do pay a third of the value for the troubles, which is how they get people to relocate in areas they can afford.  Yes, China has no right to arms; that is the difference.
China has a police station in every single neighborhood; their job is the know who is trouble & gather information even if that information is not required by their law; they do whatever they want; they force foreigners to sign whatever they want just to show that they are doing a good job.

In Viet Nam there is no right to self defense; if a person is killed in self defense, the other person goes to jail. It is a matter of mass control they cannot allow people to say that it was self defense or they would have zero control over the people.

I lived through both public and private schools; in Louisiana there is a big difference.

We have to have Psychology served and taught in forced “education”.
University students can clearly see the “Job Compliance Training” they are being forced into.
Imperial funding dictates what is to be funded often times instead of purity, and real pursuit of science, education and even the suppression of metaphysical/religious alchemy of the should transmutation that comes with gain of powers…
This combined with no psychology in schools & some presenting with schizophrenia during university around 21 (so they say) this can present itself without the care in the world to provide forced education without psychology to know themselves and have the skills to control their minds or god fordbid nurture the desired path from as early as possible to enter a craft or field instead of attending university if one so chooses *(to be prepared for life).  Anyway, I understand why some people choose drugs during university because they haven’t even addressed the traumas of childhood much-less the new traumas of the world away from parental support…  A few choose to shoot people.  Taxes!  Taxes!  Taxes!  Psychology in Schools needs to be demanded, not guns taken from law abiding citizens protecting family and community…  The corruption of Louisiana in the school system is “business as usual”.  These people need to be fired, clearly!  Get with the program; maybe they are there to continue pushing the disarmament agenda.

English, Math, Physical Education, Etcetera are required in school; where are the required Psychology Classes?!
I will definitely be expanding upon that question soon.
Tools, of which are many, varying, and toolboxes of which are articulated differently and contain differing tools in the many different craftspeople be them lay people, professionals, or other categorized humans (meaning don’t set a list as absolute in scope…) to maintain mental health are to be required to be taught in school.
Financial American Dream business planning (in high school at the very latest) should be at least three years in length and should extencively prepare the individual to offer his/her gifts to the world!
Bring back Shop Classes in High School!
Ban extensive required school band events and practicing taking too much from the study schedule of students!  Students need the private lessons in music, not to make the school money by marching in parades or playing in football stadiums hurting their education.  I rejected my university music scholarship because I found out that the requirement was to be in “a major band” each semester, and I was never going to step foot on another football field as a member of a marching band…
teaches manners to first few years of required education.
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The above video mises the point that gun free zones are the problem!  Normal school staff members with concealed carry permits can effectively and in a better manner defend students from threats, than the trauma of storm troopers in schools as a show of force ❤️

This topic and “2nd amendment” both go hand in hand, so One may wish to also read Our “2nd amendment” Tab.

What is One’s goal?

What is One’s personally chosen culture?

What are One’s personal values?

What are One’s cultural values?

It is natural after helping others consistently for only a few days in a row to feel the biofeedback system’s validation that this is good and right and good for the soul, which is good for the body and self.

A Thought: The more we automate, the more humanity becomes free to experience service to others and have the ability to move to a new system of minimal “required work” and more to the true fulfillment of the self and exploring relationships with others in harmony.

The point of these videos are to ask what type of setting does One wish to dwell within?

Is peace, harmony, and joy optimal through vegan village living?  Is it through being of optimal productivity?  Are we truly free to choose?  Show me the land to choose upon without being forced into the caffeinated productivity scheme first, especially for those not so inclined to succeed in the paperwork type of society in which people are forced into by law itself…

Is the answer to augment & alter the constitution away from a monetary system?  Currently, I have no faith in that idea because the wrongfully elected refuse to even pass an omnibus without allowing unconstitutional arm infringement into it.  We need to stop electing business-people and people not willing to die resisting the super-rich elite agenda(s).  We need to collectively pray.  Many do not believe in prayer or meditation… meditation can be difficult without a toolbox of various methods to find one that fits, but mass prayer and mass meditation are scientifically proven to directly reduce negative events; this is an undeniable fact.