Veganism & “No-till” Farming

Two things that immediately reverse Global Warming

No-till Farming” leaves the green skin on the earth using new farm equipment to plug seeds directly into the earth.
“The Dust Bowl” in U.S.A. history was directly created by tilling the earth – drying the soil.
Worse, this drying and destroying the soil micro-organisms caused the the need from chemical fertilizers, etcetera.
Leaving the green skin of the earth (Documentary: Kiss the Ground) cools the planet.

Veganism has so many benefits – only the weak choose to not change insisting upon eating what they grew up on & consequently die of cancer from 1962 genome weaponized wheat, etcetera.

Veganism reduces the demand for raising animals as food, which stops the demand on destroying our medicine producing rain-forests; it has to stop today.

Veganism produces so much food that would be fed to animals to be raised as food that no human being living on this planet would ever have to starve.

Veganism supposedly saves fresh spring water, but I affirm that natural clean and tested spring water must be used to produce all produce!

Veganism becomes preferred by a long shot once a year goes by & one has learned how to cook truly good food, no longer killing yourself.

Some people do cleanses; how about keeping your temple clean to begin with?

The World Health Organization has long since classified meat as a carcinogen.  Carnism will stop being the problem one way or another unless they keep breeding more carnismists.  Weak Carnismists

Vegans learn that food is medicine!  This is extremely empowering and exiting.  We learn that government is not our friend because the FDA, etcetera is completely corrupt; “the medical industry” is also greatly corrupt, but we can at least sew those industry standards into complete change quickly (See my gallbladder story)-(I didn’t sew, but I see that there are many ways to change the world for the better legally and easier than many think.)