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There are legal instruments (commercial liens) that can be implemented to hold humans and entities accountable for acts of tyranny, but without infinite awareness, we are living the divided stances to be concurred.  Without self change there is no winning…

Most important is the overstanding that when we attain higher consciousness / frequency, that frequency changes others, so the only way to win is to become an enlightened being, an ascended being.


The practical implementation of mass meditation and mass prayer is scientifically proven to have direct measurable effects.
You are not helpless.  The work that We are doing here will make a real difference with Your help.  “We” have all the power to yield positive results.


1% of the global population becoming Christ Consciousness or Buddha consciousness is all it takes to automatically by scientific principle of coherence to lift the rest of the population up to that higher state of consciousness.  Pray & Meditate; evil cannot continue when enough people achieve higher states of consciousness…


Check out the home page and other Tabs such as VeganVillages(.org) & Our network of Monastic Solution Websites (VeganMonastery.org & VeganRetreatCenter.org).  Your Donations will help Us make the world to be a better place.

The ultimate weapons that we have to defeat evil are a network of Monasteries, a culture of people at home attaining ascension state / rainbow body through serious meditation & prayer(in the correct way), which comes with powers to combat, overcome, and install a united culture of peace and harmony by transferring the frequency of the ascended state to others.


Pray Daily.
Meditate Daily.
Pray all day.
Meditate throughout all waking hours of the day.
Meditate & Pray Your ass off.

I have seem some cultures in which the family at home rises in the morning gathering for morning prayer & meditation together in the strength of unity & purity.

They make sure we are so busy surviving that we have not much time to steer Our own government back to purity.

Tibet had one thing right: The Culture’s highest Priority & Value is upon supporting the enlightenment of the most human beings possible.


I recognize that in races, genders, entities, job positions, and systems there are good and bad.
I have met good and bad, so if I say something about a certain nation, culture, or even race (which I do not believe I do), it is meant in the color of the praise, critique, point, or solution that I am attempting to deliver.

Much of what You are about to read can make sensitive people very uncomfortable; please take it easy; the only point in illustrating shortcomings is to prompt Us to act (meditate), activate phone trees, work on positive projects to help each other, & build a better world ❤️

It is important to watch the end of
“1984: The New World Order” (2014), in which there is a call to pass legislation banning micro-chipping citizens or residents for that matter because it starts by rationalizing one group at a time until everyone is to be chipped!
Everyone has to call our representatives to demand the ban legislation.

(https://youtu.be/K4qAfJGMBa0) Go to YouTube & watch this video; they took it down from this website saying I do not have permission; 1 of 2 proof videos of aluminum, strontium, etcetera being strayed into Our atmosphere.  I’ll do my best to get my hands on proof document links… (https://youtu.be/K4qAfJGMBa0)

I have lived in “The People’s Republic of China”; as long as “We the People” allow corrupt Dominion voting machines and Intelligence Community plants in major media within the “united States”, these two countries are the same…  We can count ballots by hand with overview from “both” sides.  I have traveled through & or lived in more than a baker’s dozen Asian nations.  Here, I hear things such as “at least we have freedom”; the differences are so minute, that I feel the need to share a few thoughts (to be edited and expanded upon)(thank you for your patience):
One does not own real estate in China; one owns a fifty year usage, which then may get renewed if the government doesn’t wish to relocate those units or inhabitants to a different area in order to redevelop, modernize, or rebuild.  But, they do pay a third of the value for the troubles, which is how they get people to relocate in areas they can afford. – good for redevelopment – not necessarily bad for people who get to finally move to a rural village.  The city grew up around these people whom have been living there 50 years and incurring the 50 year inflation & cost of city living increases associated with denser population in city location value.  In the “uS” it is called “eminent domain”, which does happen to some people; their land has been taken from them and full market value is not provided in return – just like in China.  The rule of law is the same; for the government, not for the people.  I’ll take it a step further and say that both are communist if the argument is for the greatest good of the most people, but it is not for the people – they are both for complete control over human resources.

Yes, China has no right to arms; that is the difference.
Why do you think the “uS” is brainwashing people so much to believe in arms infringement – banning arms?

China has a police station in every single neighborhood; their job is “to know who is trouble” & gather information even if that information is not required by their law; they do whatever they want; they force foreigners to sign whatever they want just to show that they are doing a good job.

Do you want storm troopers controlling your life?


If you think that churches & guns don’t mix, then you certainly don’t live in Tennessee 🙂 ❤️

In Viet Nam there is no right to self defense (“possibly unless” one is American because Viet Nam needs our tourism & our rights allow for self-defense backed by our embassy); if a person is killed in self defense, the other Vietnamese person goes to jail. It is a matter of mass control; they cannot allow people to say that it was self defense, or they would have zero control over the people.

If you think the government is right to tax people as they do, you either don’t live in the highest state & federal sales taxes state of Louisiana or You are not paying attention to corrupt spending etcetera.

(https://youtu.be/xZ4G1NbUuGI) 2 of 2 proof video atmospheric engineering for their own purposes; human health be damned…Go to YouTube to watch; it was taken down from this website stating that I did not have permission (https://youtu.be/xZ4G1NbUuGI)

Now, the Dominion voting machines have been admitted, not just proven to be able to change the votes, but they continue to use them and buy more.  If this doesn’t scream act of war or treason, etcetera, then you possibly simply care only about your family & its American city style comforts and have a wife who wants to keep the nest comfortable and does not condone a man going to war to defend the constitution.  Why do you think marriage is a tax incentive within the “tax code”?  Notice that I did not say tax law…  My overstanding is that if a sovereign individual does choose to file, then one is subject to the “tax code”. – jurisdictional insertion
If you want to talk about separate entity (business) income taxes, I haven’t studies that.
Is it better to tax a blanket automatic 10% income tax upon ever entity & perhaps 0% for all living under a certain amount of income – no sales taxes at all; actually, I am against income tax completely because I am in no way represented; I believe the monetary system corruption along with the wolf pack in the legislative branch & executive puppet control are some of the forces destroying the world and humanity from being civilized?  When I say monetary corruption – here in Louisiana I mean everything from the dentist seeing how much insurance one has to lie and do unnecessary work to milk the insurance every year to the maximum or many other real issues – harmful unnecessary surgeries – sales people pushing – absolutely ridiculous – if it were not for money, we would not have the scam calls, etcetera.  we need farming villages and Native American land based earth based nature living migratory &/or free earth foraging based living by choice.
Sales tax is where they get you; I’ve always had a problem with sales tax ever since childhood.  We were taught in school about the Boston Tea Party revolt against a tax on tea, paper, etcetera.

*******Police have “the right” to disarm people at traffic stops in Louisiana, directly nullifying the right to bear arms – direct disarmament = arms infringement ! How do we defend ourselves against bad guys with a gun; human being police can be good or bad; we have a 50/50 chance.


Let’s endeavor to compile legal militia listings for the people by the people, and lobby heavily to better this country sense elected officials give into wolf-pack mentality failing to do the right thing, (not the will of the masses either because the masses can be manipulated into wrongdoing).
Contact your representatives & Strongly Urge them to Never sign a bill containing “Arms Infringement”.  Notice that I am not using the term “Gun Control”, as the very term generates a sense that it is reasonable.  If the government shuts down due to arms infringement being placed into government funding bills, then it simply has to shut down; this is the most elementary element of governance – the most basic right & common sense fundamental responsibility of being a “Representative”.
Check out our Psychology in Schools Solution(s) Tab.

Do these statements not wake a person up?

Storm Troopers have the power/legal allowance to make you so close to being Chinese, and most people have no clue.



They demolished the twin towers in order to pass the Patriot Act.  Watch “Fahrenheit 911“.


Also, the court has ruled that police are under no obligation to protect you, so we can only defend ourselves.
Police Officers have the right to lie to you to manipulate you into giving them the ammunition to arrest you or manipulate you into what they want.


People in China have the same “freedom” to be free range – work wherever they can get a job situation as Americans; what difference is there?  I’m glad you asked; in Asia, one can purchase a good job if one’s family has the money, at a bank, as a surgeon with a purchased degree allowed to kill people in surgery because they don’t have the training of earning the degree.

So, okay, there are differences, but as far as the basics; things aren’t majorly different; how? – Is it the CIA or other intelligence community whom have sprayed aluminum, strontium, etcetera in the atmosphere, and then force California to stop monitoring the atmospheric elements in an attempt to cover it up?  Aluminum causes Alzheimer’s.
Is this an attempt to generate an atmospheric protection against the 26,920 year Samvartica fire from our sun when our sign-wave up & down motion while traveling along our galactic record player plane through central plane highest energy coupled with the 3,600 year commit type path return of the Annunaki from the Lost Book of Enki and now in the real academic field leaders, not the lies, allow with its sun moon and planet(s) causing our planet’s pole shift to stop our natural magnetic protection system from shielding us…
Sound like China’s don’t care about the people to me.  I lived in the most air polluted city in China.  It is all the same government lie; “The People’s Republic of China” – America is a Republic too, not a Democracy; I am speaking literal now.  “…and to the Republic, for which it stands…”  They are both fake.  Distract the people with war and whatever silly fooseball games, etcetera brainwashing can come up with for the masses to not united in solutions based hands of God community to keep people subservient.  We do not need permission to innovate, pursue happiness in liberty.


I don’t want to focus upon this sort of mindset, but it necessary to call “representatives” to demand certain things and to vote for white hats instead of wolves that we know have been career position non-representatives; it simply has to be known, and not have people blind to it.  I am the same as far as wishing to pursue the comfortable yet extremely meaningful monastic life; I don’t want to be at civil war with this nation’s intelligence community / black operation deep state operations.
I would not accept an injection or even pill (Motorola has had a permanent tracking pill for a long time); things have progressed to a level that we have to get strong demanding a ban on chipping people now
So much has already been put into food via GMO or otherwise; I don’t know if we have the means other than opening a lab for people to know what the food is & get paid for the information or subscription…this is how poor people are manipulated; poor cannot afford this.
You may not know that the welding union members are set for life building urban warfare tanks in this nation for subversion of the people.  The empire has been out of control for a long time.  People do need to wake up from believing anything that is said from the mouthpieces of this nation.

So much manipulation, so many lies, and direct crime against humanity / tyranny is perpetrated by the intelligence community and government agencies from selling drugs to have their own black budget funding to brainwashing generations and perpetrating events to blame guns or citizens, when the most law abiding people in the u.S. are concealed carry permit holders…  Also, I have to add that the bulk of mass shooting occur in gun free zones in which there would have been good people prepared to defend if allowed to do so.

There is a way to fight back before the murder of Americans gets as out of control as taxes; I never forgot the Boston tea party.  I am happy that that was taught in the public school that I had attended at that time.  I lived through both public and private schools; time to go back into the “Psychology in Schools” tab.  But first how to fight back; become an enlightened being; meditate like your life depends upon it, because it does…  Ascension comes with powers; Enoch became the highest angel Metatron…  William Henry, Freddy Silva – these people show the original teachings of the church through ancient art, and observation & research, etcetera…  They can be found on Gaia.  In the Asian tradition Padmasambhava transformed into pure Light (rainbow body attainment).

To be continued…
I am actively editing and augmenting this page in real time to get it all out there as it comes, which will eventually be very polished, so look for the message, and don’t get caught up on how to is being delivered ❤️ 🙂 Thank You for Your patience.  Solutions exist.
I sent emails this morning, but forgot to copy paste them here in short consist cleanliness, so I’ll attempt to make the same points here &/or on the “Psychology in Schools” Tab, which is the direct connection to the solution for mass shootings in schools and other “gun free zones” (unconstitutional arms infringement zones).

Do you want to now talk about the desensitization to violence in film and television?
This is programing to accept what the government is going to do to people as long as it isn’t you or your family members; by then it is getting too late…
Native Americans are not allowed by their religion to watch violence because they know that what we see, we become; it is quantum physics.
This is why Tibetans stare at icons of Buddhas, rainbow body ascended beings just like in the Orthodox Byzantine and Greek churches stare at icons.

Check out “Psychology in Schools” Tab because violence is the reason to have the solution of psychology in schools…

The above video mises the point that gun free zones are the problem.  Normal school staff members who responsibly choose to maintain concealed carry permits & proficiency can effectively and in a better manner defend students from threats, than the trauma of storm troopers in schools as a show of force ❤️




2023 During Democratic Party Administration the earned income credit has been cut dramatically; we had to pay a lot of money this year; I have never paid income tax that high – ever.
This is an act of war…  Government is not for the people…
Some people think that Voting Democratic Party is going to get them something, but Taxes always go up under Democratic Administration; by that alone, I would advise to the masses to never vote Democratic Party.

The Republican Party’s sins are that of Fracking, destroying the natural water supply if one is so fortunate to be able to obtain land on which to live and survive.  This is evil, organized crime against humanity.

Third Party:  A No Party of Purity is needed impervious to corruption or wolf pack coercion.-willing to die rather than to submit to the will of the wrong 🙂

The government lies; that alone calls for a revision of freedom; we need free lands in which to establish communities free from corruption & be allowed to live in peace without crimes against humanity.  That is why I am developing vegan villages (VeganVillages.org) free from the genetically modified crops targeting the manipulation of human beings through DNA, the delayed murder of Americans (wheat modification), & as in Soy GMOs the harm of human intestinal linings in order to kill crop bugs/pests giving us the same deadly effects meant from the bellies of the crop eating bugs.

I have not read the following book, but it is by John Hagelin, Ph.D.:


Other Political Issues:

If you chose to get a student loan, that is your problem; you chose to not be a craftsman or live a simple life.  The only way I give my blessing to have your debt forgiven is if the same amount of money is given to every single American for the amount of debt being forgiven.  I have zero debt.  If your $30,000 debt is forgiven, I better get a check for $30,000 too!  The answer is to simply give every every American $30,000 if you think it is fair to cancel some of your debt!

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it in the first section of this page, but no one has any business passing any legislation containing arms infringement; see the first section to overstand why.  I will continue to clearly illustrate this truth & edit my writing to concisely show these truths.



What is Self Defense?

To Be Continued…

When police officers use the word please, that equals a request, not a legal authority command.
“Open the truck, Please.”
“No, Thank You.”
“Am I free to leave?”

If there is no probable cause, there is no authority.

Be smart; do not speed.  There usually will never be a reason for you to be pulled over.

Smile; be friendly.  Ask why you have been stopped… “I just changed the tail-light; is it functioning properly?”




Clearly the physicist is not a diet expert…joking that diet does not endure, but meditation practice can.  It takes a real man or woman to change one’s diet; people facing death do it and often save their lives…

Jacque Fresco (founder of the Venus Project) is not a meditation expert either mentioning looking within doesn’t help find anything…
If the Venus Project / Resource Based Economy does not account for the freedom of monastics to endeavor to ascend before physical expiration, it is null & void as a valid system.  Some people are willing to put all of their money into a solution they believe in…

Opt Out:

Option 1:   One can choose to sell sell sell one’s suburban “house on a lot” and buy into a whole new life in a vegan eco-village.

Option 2:   Buy strong vertical cropping systems & security systems for your suburban house on a lot, but think about the need for food of others in a populous environment in a food shortage.  Encourage your neighbors to be prepared as well; approach it as controlling food costs and quality if you’d like.
I’m looking into large pieces of land of a couple different terrain types upon which we can establish pure “get back to nature” living.  It will take men and woman willing to put in the work to build a wholesome community based upon manners, purification of the self, meditation, veganism, and teamwork with a positive attitude.

Option 3:   Move to tribal lands where people still live “away from the things of man”, asking from the heart to join the tribe.

Option 4:   Join a Monastic Community or Join a Monastery.        1 example: https://www.permanentpeace.org/plan/ (For Advanced Meditators)

Option 5:   We are trying to build our own Monastic Community because I for one do not seem to fit into any monastic community I have found yet.

Option 6:   Forget the self & join an effort to house the houseless or some similar effort to directly assist humanity, but be careful that you choose wisely.

Option 7:  Opt In – Truly engage one’s current community.  I helped a lady working at the cash register at a Walmart once when she was frustrated with the computer system because every time she had to weight produce, the computer took 30 seconds to switch over; I advised her to be happy from now on to take that 30 second brake; she was grateful stating that she liked the way that I think.

Option 8:   Find Free Land on which to be Allowed to Live Free…

9:   Meditate.  Attain Ascension state before death.  Do it now.  Form a meditation group locally.
When enough of the population reaches higher consciousness, evil cannot continue; the rest of global consciousness rises to that higher state of consciousness through the principle of coherence.

https://www.permanentpeace.org/plan/ This is a community of advanced meditators that I personally would like to be invited into, but we can at least support them!
Again, in case you don’t know:  Mass Meditation is scientifically proven negative event reduction during the time of mass meditation.  Check the 2nd video from the top of this page; if you are still interested, check the 1st video at the top of this page.
It is possible to shift from building to supporting, but the goal of the Self-funding arm launch is vital, paramount for the mission no matter for implementation of new efforts or to support current efforts.   https://www.permanentpeace.org/plan/   Ideally, we must support both of these important efforts as 24 hour mass meditation is obviously the paramount goal.


Why support the current lie and control system that is actively welding and building urban tanks to attack us; join a local welding union; you will have life job security weaponizing the current Nazi regime.  We have to stop being brainwashed & stand united.  We have to build vegan villages, monasteries, meditation groups, caffeine cessation groups, start Urban Farming groups – fill our yards with crops instead of lawns, which actually are a survival food in a worst case scenario; raising cows encourages the destruction of the rain-forests, which give us natural medicines… check out our other tabs if interested.  We do not need to eat or drink from cows; most of the masses have been brainwashed since birth.  If one’s soil is proper/correct/organic, one doesn’t have to ultra sanitize crops dug from the earth taking away the natural B12…